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If You Don't Give Up You Win

Brian Johnson

00:28:52 · Lifestyle

It’s not about the gift that God gave us for free, it’s about us not giving up.

Brian Johnson

If You Don’t Give Up You Win

  1. “If we don’t quit we win.”

  2. In real life, day to day it can feel like you are hitting your head against the wall over and over again.

  3. In life, the persistent goat always wins.

  4. Talent is insignificant. It’s endurance.

  5. There is something about staying in the game. 

  6. It’s not about the gift that God gave us for free, it’s about us not giving up. 

  7. Some days just getting out of bed that day is winning.

  8. As Christians here in this life on earth we have no other option but to win.

    B. Acts 16:25

  1. Story of Paul and Silas in prison

  2. Immediate ally the doors to everyone's cells were opened (everyone’s chains were loosed)

  3. Your breakthrough will always affect the prisoners around you.

Our generation needs to learn the art of chasing things down.

The story of Jenn’s dad getting saved.

In Jesus’ greatest moment of temptation and weakness, He didn’t quit.

God’s destiny for us is in the promise.

When we don’t quit we gain authority.

A church that walks in the authority of heaven is the goal. 

When encounter happens to us, everything we do carries that encounter. 

      C. Practical ways to stay in the game 

  1. We need to live in the high places, where our perspective is right. 

  2. We need to have days and moments of rest. 

  3. We need to reflect the good that God’s done in our life.

  4. Remembering the why.

  5. Getting refilled so you can begin again.

  6. As you gain authority, influence, etc - the more known you need to become known to friends and family in your life.