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Interview with Phil Wickham

Brian Johnson, Phil Wickham, and Jenn Johnson

0:38:40 · Lifestyle

Phil shares about his life as an artist and a family man

Tell us about your family.

  • Married to his wife 10 years this year and has three girls and one boy.
  • Favorite thing about his wife is her consistency.
  • His favorite thing about being a dad is that he really likes them. That he’s excited to just to hang out with them. He can now apply this to the Father heart of God towards him. That God truly enjoys him. 

If you weren't leading worship, what would you be doing?

  • He loves food. Loves to watch cooking shows. (Gordon Ramsey is his #1)

Tell us about the first song you ever wrote.

  • When he was 8 years old he wrote  “I want to be with Him”.
  • “Jesus Lord of Heaven” when he was 13 and it was the first “real’ song that he could remember that his dad wanted him to lead at church.

Tell us a fun worship story.

  • Story: He goes to a town in Iowa and they are an Amish looking family. They take him to Amish country. They are an evangelical family in the middle of this Mennonite community. They have a dairy farm that they use all their extra money to bring in worship leaders to bless the Mennonite community. (maybe just summarize this to Iowa story)
  • Their passion the bless their community has been so impactful.
  • Ask yourself, “What am I burning for?"

What do you do to stay inspired?

  • Life with family is a big part of it.
  • Finding the secret place. 
  • “Give time to God for the chance for Him to speak to you.”

Tell us about a tough season in your life?

  • Story: 4 years ago he was on our tour in Maine, and he kept losing his voice. He found out that he had a bleeding polyp on his vocal chord. He was put on complete vocal rest for one month only to find out that he was going to need to do surgery but with that there were risks of the possibility of ever singing again.
  • He realized very quick that he felt really lost and discouraged in this season because he found worth and identity in what he “did”. 
  • He encountered the Father heart of God in such a deep way through this and found his true identity.

How do you stay connected to the local church?

  • They are plugged into a church where they live. (Harvest Christian Church)
  • He has been able to pour into the worship community there.

What would be your advice to yourself 10 years ago?

  • Warm up, drink water, and don’t eat bad food late at night. (practical)
  • Don’t be so quick to judge and be critical.
  • “Come into every situation and ask God to give you His mind.”