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Journey of the Song Part 2

Paul Baloche

0:23:55 · Songwriting

This class is a continuation of "Journey of a Song Part 1" from Paul Baloche. He talks about writing songs in the secret place and using the scriptures as a starting ground for writing corporate worship songs.

The Journey of a Song - Paul Baloche

Don’t apologize for songs being emotional
  • There is something to be said for engaging emotion
  • God created emotions
Where do songs come from?
  • Our number one goal as songwriters is to capture inspired moments
  • Think in word pictures/Songs are words pictures
  • There is value in exercising your spiritual muscles
  • Practice in the midst of waiting for your inspired moment
  • Keep your antenna up at all times
If you don’t want to steal your joy while song writing, let your motivation be just another way to connect with God
  • When you pray, you’re not judging your prayer
  • Let song writing be like that, like a prayer
  • Songs should be a byproduct of your mind being on God
  • “Pray without ceasing”
  • Be preoccupied with the things of God
Pay attention to things like:
  • Sermons, as if he/she is going to ask you at the end to lead worship/help minister
  • Scriptures
  • Prayers- some of the best songs come from prayers, both your own and others
Carve out time to worship and play with your song ideas.
  • Your song ideas can be like eHarmony, you’re trying to match them together and see if they work well together
  • Try different tempos and types of songs to see which one fits and feels the best
  • Just go with the feeling

You have to write a lot of bad songs in order to write a good one someday.

Sometimes the best songs and most genuine ideas come from when you’re not trying to write a song.

Let your song go where the words take them.
  • If the word is “up”, go up in melody
This is something you can do, it’s as simple as singing your prayers
  • Don’t try to be hip, cool, relevant, etc.

It’s beautiful to be a servant with our songs