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Keyboard: Keyboard Sounds

Ian McIntosh


Ian instructs about piano and things to think about when using it in worship sets.
Great piano sound has a lot of sustain, and is a little darker. A really compressed piano tends to blend better in a worship setting. Piano is a good sound to have to spice up your arsenal. General rule of thumb for Ian is to use piano when there are a lot of moving chords, whole notes, syncopated patterns, or eighth note rhythms. Its important when playing a piano sound to follow the song melody well. Use appropriate chords that will do that. Its important to know what tone sounds like in different places. How hard/soft you can hit the keys for it to still sound good? Know how the instrument works; e.g. it’s a percussion instrument Play keys differently when using different sounds behind it e.g strings pad, different patches, etc. Its important for a piano player to be able to play on beat and to a click track otherwise the music can sound sloppy. Learn patterns that work across a whole spectrum of sounds, and are repeatable.