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Keyboards: Chord Forms and Inversions

Ian McIntosh


Ian shows you how to make an inversion and unlocks more of the mystery of music theory.

Keyboards: Chord Forms and Inversions

Ian McIntosh

Watch Jeffrey’s class on the number system.

All chords have inversions – root, 1st, 2nd etc. Ian focuses on “3rd-heavy” chords.

Sus 2 chord and Sus 4 chord – D sus =D,G,A - exact same notes as G2

Most major chords you can do either a Sus or a 2

Using inversions or Sus chords can make playing much easier

Ian shows you how to use chords but still walk around the keyboard - using the 3rd

6,4,1,5 progression.

When you have a chord chart, its not telling you what to play. There’s no sheet music. It’s great to know how chords work together so you can feel out the music.

Playing in the same range on the keyboard really unifies the song, and lends to the emotional feel of the song.

Walking chord – similar to a hammer-on on the guitar. E.g. D Sus - Walk the Sus down to the 3rd

Ian demonstrates walking chords with God I Look to You

Find chords that follow the melody. This means you need to develop your ear.