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Keyboards: Feel and Tone

Ian McIntosh


Ian goes over how to attack the keyboard to achieve appropriate feel and overall tone of the keyboard to achieve the desired effect for the many dynamic facets of a worship set, from huge and high energy to sweet, tender prophetic moments and every where in between.

Keyboards: Feel and Tone

Ian McIntosh

Depending on how hard you hit the keyboard, it will play a different sample.

Velocity switches – a velocity curve, you can set this.

A soft velocity lends itself to being really good at quiet moment , whole notes, patterns during quiet moments, but not great as a rhythm.

Medium velocity is typically good for quarters.

Harder velocities tend to be for rhythms – 1/8’s etc

How rhythm adds to a song:
  • 1/8 note rhythm, making the downbeat accented will add the groove.
  • Another idea you can try is accenting the beat right before the downbeat
  • The piano as a bass instrument means locking in with the drums, especially when playing in the low end
  • You can also switch between patterns, e.g. 1/8 notes, the robot, grooving with the drums, also each time it goes through the progression you can change the groove slightly

Ian demonstrates how adding an octave can be beneficial in the higher register and playing at a higher velocity.

You need to have great feel – tone, and technique are awesome but need to be able to feel the music