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Keyboards: Piano Effects

Ian McIntosh


Ian shares about effects on keyboards, to add on top of what he's already taught in the keyboard lessons.
1.) Add effects after great playing and a solid sound 2.) Reverb A.) Big/Wet reverb for small hits, hooks, soft moments B.) Different levels of reverb can help separate songs from each other C.) Mod Reverb detunes each reverberation slightly 3.) Automation is where you can adjust levels of effects live in the moment by hand 4.) Delays A.) Eighth note and quarter note delay settings B.) Helps you play less and still fill in lots of space 5.) Filter A.) Dramatic EQ B.) Low Pass Filter is great for softly blending parts into the depth 6.) Take time to review your keyboard reverb settings A.) Assign it to a knob so you can automate it 7.) Find 1 or 2 delay settings you like and learn how to simply change the tempo 8.) Get ahold of a filter and automate it