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Keys to Abundant Life

Amanda Lindsey Cook

01:12:33 · Lifestyle

His abundance isn’t seasonal it’s sustaining.

Amanda Cook

Keys to Abundant Life

  1. What we can learn from children about abundance

    1. We come into life completely dependent. Infants are excellent at “being.” 

    2. Even now I am at the mercy of the goodness of God, like an infant cries for it’s mother. 

    3. As a dependent child, you are completely pure. “Pure” means undivided, blessed are the undivided hearts for they will inherit the earth. 

  1. Abundance in every season of life. 

    1. His abundance isn’t seasonal it’s sustaining.

    2. “Joy and Pain are not mutually exclusive, they work together to create wholeness.” Living in abundance is holistic. 

    3. Whether we are running from God or to him, in crisis, it changes what is normal. 

  1. Scarcity Living - poverty mindset 

    1. You withhold because you are ashamed of what you have to give. 

    2. Scarcity tells us we are living on a lease, it’s borrowed, not an actual gift. 

    3. When we come into worship it is not a transaction, it’s not a trade. 

  1. Experiencing Gifts in a family of delight

    1. Being together is the gift. 

    2. Abundance knows how to give and receive. 

    3. God is the giver of good and perfect gifts. 

    4. Us showing up is a gift. As we turn to Him it’s a gift to Him, we aren’t returning something that he loaned to us. 

    5. A good gift is one that shows the person that they are known. Those are the kinds of gifts God gives us. Jesus enjoys the costly gift that makes Him feel known.