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Keys to Songwriting

Jeremy Riddle

00:29:14 · Songwriting

Write from your heart!

Keys to Songwriting

Jeremy Riddle

  1. How does Jeremy personally write?

    1. Capture anything and everything. 

    2. After he captures,  he goes through the process of revisiting his inspiration. 

    3. If it doesn’t move him the second time he deletes it. 

    4. After he revisits,  he starts to bring all the parts together to make the song.

    5. Make a demo. 

    6. Lyrics are the last thing he writes.

    7. It’s about finding your message. (lyrics)

  2.  Songwriting keys

    1. Become a student great writing 

    2. Learn honesty

    3. Develop your language

    4. Dig deep.  Don’t be so satisfied with your first draft

    5. Write intentionally

    6. Listen to your spirit

    7. Allow the process

    8. Sing over your own struggles

    9. Consistently create

  3. Co-Writing Tips

    1.  You have to learn to serve someone else's vision.

    2. It’s important that everyone is happy (that includes you) 

Write from your heart. 

Allow your songs to be critiqued.  Allow yourself to sit with it. Don’t immediately reject it. 

You have to believe in the fruit of the process of writing.