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Kings and Queens

Jenn Johnson

00:31:54 · Lifestyle

“The Kingdom” - Living as the royalty that you are.

Jenn Johnson 

Kings & Queens

“The Kingdom” - Living as the royalty that you are.

A. What does it mean to carry royal blood? 

  1. We often move around in servant mode, but jesus modelled servant-king. 

  2. You are a direct manifestation of God as the King.

  3. Prince and Princesses are being raised up for their role as king or queen. But once there they have all authority.

  4. Know not only who you are, but also WHO you represent.

  5. You are royalty. You are direct inheritance and have full authority.

B. Live with a deep awareness of who we are and who we carry.

  1. Think about the Holy Spirit as a dove on your shoulders, your every move would be to not scare it off. Every move you make, would be to keep it there. You can’t be careless with your choices or your words.

C. Who the King is:

  1. Generous - time, resources, it’s way beyond money

  2. Kind - kindness honours and respects

  3. Thinks of the well-being of others - not me, myself and I. Die to yourself and find His song, not your song. When you seek His kingdom first, you will find yourself

  4. Orderly and organised - a king lives with excellence. How you do life in the little details represents King Jesus. Manage and be resourceful.

  5. Diplomatic - “If you watch what you think, you won’t have to watch what you say” Bill Johnson. Being mindful of what you say and guarding your tongue.

  6. Not arrogant but confident - Love and Truth. Jesus walked in authority. Not false humility or meekness. He is the servant king but also the one who overturned tables in the marketplace

  7. Valor - Great courage in the face of danger. Tenacity. Being willing to take that hit on the front lines. “My answer is yes before you even ask”. Complete surrender in servanthood.

  8. Allegiance - Loyalty. Under submission. Being led. You have to know how to be led to be a great leader. Confidence comes from Accountability. Find somebody to be under to speak into your life. 

D. Ask yourself: “Holy Spirit, in my life, who needs to be in direct leadership over me”

  1. Ask the people in leadership over you for input - how am I doing? What do I need to work on? What am I killing it at?

“I love not giving myself time to think twice about something He says” Jenn Johnson

E. Henani - “Here am I”

  1. Be so open handed with our lives before the King “whatever you ask, my liege” - knowing God will give you abundantly more than you ever could have expected.

F. The Lord is capturing the world with the Spirit of Adoption. 

  1. We have to get ready as the church for adoption. 

  2. Jenn implores students to think about it.

G. We are adopted heirs of God. 

  1. As His own. 

  2. “He is yours, as if by birth.” 

  3. Adoption is not second class. 

  4. You carry Him with authority. 

  5. It’s as if you have the direct bloodline.