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Worship Leading
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Jeremy Riddle

00:28:38 · Worship Leading

Be intentional with the kind of community you want to build.

Jeremy Riddle

Leadership & How To Be A Part Of A Team

Bethel has been such a powerful place because they have been such a place of empowerment. 

Bill, Kris, and Danny are fully submitted and fully themselves. 

  1. View on health

  • We are all individuals

  • We are all part of a family.

Both of those need to stay alive and healthy. 

You can lose yourself in a community role.

      B.Healthy individuality

  1. Getting smaller to grow bigger.

    1. You need a few people who really KNOW who you are. 

                      b.     Know you who are outside of your community.

            c.     Actively cultivate the call that is on your life. 

                      d.Fight the victim mentality.


      C.     Healthy Community

  1. Posture yourself as a servant.

  2. It’s important to know when to “unplug” and figure your heart out.

       D.Leadership Tips

  1. Simply be a friend of God.

  2. Vision (The Why) and Embody it.

  3. Sustain The Vision.

  4. Culture - Your job is to be aware of the culture that you are creating and ask the Lord if this is what you are supposed to be cultivating. Be intentional with the kind of community you want to build. Know how to correct it when needed. 

  5. Stay consistently inspired. This is not a luxury it’s a necessity. 

  6. Feed on your heroes. 

  7. Vulnerability. Don’t be afraid to share your life, but in a healthy way. You can be over-vulnerable.

  8. Humility. 

  9. You have to be okay to confront.  - Be attentive to your people. 

A culture of empowerment can quickly become entitlement.