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Leaning into the Holy Spirit

Melissa Helser

00:33:01 · Lifestyle

“The Holy Spirit was the crescendo of the Cross”

Melissa Helser

Leaning into the Holy Spirit

Melissa loves her private life. It’s where she learns His nature. On the platform she isn’t learning His nature, she is communicating it.

  1. “The Holy Spirit was the crescendo of the Cross” - Melissa Helser

    1. The gift of the Holy Spirit

    2. It’s Jesus saying I want to be closer than being with you, I want to be in you

    3. Melissa talks about her journey of learning to access the holy spirit and the gift of the cross.

  2.  Tone is everything.

    1. You can’t hide tone 

    2. Tone gives away what’s going on inside you.

    3. The Father wants to teach you His tone. 

    4. The nature of the Lord actually has to provoke prayer, or the tone will be off. 

John 14:15

  1.  One of the most profound, maturing things is to realize you need help. 

    1. Jesus modeled dependency. It’s healthy and promotes strength. 

    2. You mature into dependency on the Holy Spirit.

    3. Asking for help is your honor, not your shame.

  2.  Mature beyond the gifts into the fruit of your life. 

    1. Melissa talks about prayer not having love in it. 

    2. The gift is prayer the fruit should be love.

You honor Him by receiving the fullness of His gift. The Holy Spirit is Jesus’ gift to us.

“When I don’t know what to do, I actually know what to do. I retreat into the Holy Spirit.” 

  1.  Melissa shares some stories of times with her kids when they’ve learned dependency on Holy Spirit.

    1. “Holy Spirit come. Holy Spirit help me” is the prayer when you don’t know what to do.

    2. Homeschooling

    3. Plane rides

    4. Ikea dresser

    5. You have to lean into the Holy Spirit. Unwrap the gift of closeness. As your counselor, your teacher, your comforter.

    6. Only the Holy Spirit can initiate true repentance. 

    7. Teaching your kids dependence on the Holy Spirit is the most important thing you can do. 

    8. Asking the Holy Spirit questions all the time is the only way to live. e.g. What lies am I believing in this situation.

    9. Practice the presence. Practice friendship.

      1. Practice is beautiful. You practice in sports - you practice 95% for the 5%. It’s the same with God. It takes so much discipline and practice to learn to lean in and listen to the Holy Spirit

Do not over-spiritualize the gift of the HS. It’s not for your meetings, it’s for your loneliness