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Heart of Worship
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Ministering to the Lord

Kalley Heiligenthal

00:31:46 · Heart of Worship

Kalley talks about the beauty of ministering to The Lord's heart with our worship. It is key to learn to love the person of Jesus more than just loving the act of worship. 

Ministering to the Lord

Kalley Heilgenthal 

It’s the way we talk about the levites; the line of Aaron; what they did. 

  • Essentially it is ritual
  • How to create cleanliness 
  • How to tend to His presence 
  • How to approach God.  
  • Ministry to us is different now.  

2 Chronicles 5:14.  

  • Protocol pauses for the presence. 
  • You want a broken and contrite heart.  
  • Jesus shows up and changes things; he’s changing tradition.  
  • The intent of the law was love; 
  • Jesus gets under their skin: healing on the sabbath; 
  • He was a fulfillment of the law; He revealed that the intent of law was always love.  
  • Our ministry to him has to change - it’s not about distance anymore.  It’s about love.


Her performance could have become her white washed tomb; not doing all these things for the sake of love.

When we’re only living for the exterior it’s only a matter of time before that falls.  

  • You can’t maintain it forever.  
  • When everything fell, there was Jesus.  When I had nothing, he won me over.
  • What I boasted in was my impeccable life decisions.  
  • The only way this thing works is when Jesus becomes your main thing; He is the one that makes everything sweet.  
  • When it comes to ministering to Jesus, it’s an all or nothing type of thing; it’s not just your story.

There's something about Jesus:

  • The disciples gave up everything 
  • There was something about Jesus that made people risk their lives and break the law 
  • Minstering to the Lord: i’ll risk it all; 
  • Little children leave their mothers laps (there’s something about Jesus that makes those children do that)  
  • Woman at the well: not seeker friendly: how many men have you been with? 
  • She runs home where she’s known and says “I met someone today who…” but didn’t say it with shame; she saw kindness in his eyes. There’s something about Jesus.

He is the better word.

  • Fall in love with him and let him come however he wants.
  • If we give him everything out of religous duty, we miss the point; when we see all he’s done for us
  • There’s nothing he wouldn’t do for you.

Romans 12:1: it’s plain and simple - i want all of you.

  • Ministry looks like falling in love with him; giving all to him; everything that we have.  
  • We let him dictate and call the shots. He inhabits all things but doesn’t fit well in our boxes.

When we settle on a Jesus that’s the lion; he’s a lamb, too and turns the other cheek.  

  • Just when we get comfortable on meek Jesus, he roars and it changes everything.  
  • Just when we get settled on one side of who he is, he changes.  “Whatever it looks like” doesn’t start on the stage.

Alabaster jar: "Kalley, what do you break at my feet?"  Your dignity.

  • We ask for rain, but we cover up with umbrellas.  
  • Is it okay to look sopping wet if he does send the rain?

The best stories aren’t about main characters who chose self preservation; 

  • We all want a leader who doesn’t choose self preservation; 
  • Possessed by an idea and passion; 
  • Leading worship has little to do with raw talent, it’s about who can stand here and say ‘let it rain’ and not worried about what it looks like.  We’re all qualified for that.  
  • Practicals are good but if we don’t have love at the core of it then we miss it.  

Impression: passion for Jesus - i did that thing at a youth convention; “that was youth group stuff.” 

  • Passion for Jesus isn’t something we ever outgrow or move beyond
  • We daily stir up inside; we feed on his faithfulness 
  • We’re satisfied but left wanting more; caught up in a cycle of hunger; not just for youth; it’s covenant.