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Worship Leading
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Moving the Room

Steffany Gretzinger

0:32:37 · Worship Leading

Steffany Gretzinger shares what it means to lead people into an encounter with God, by leading with confidence and pastoring people well.

No Performing in the Presence

  • “Sometimes the pressure we feel in Christian culture, is the bit of religion on it’s way out.”
  • We put so much pressure on ourselves and it’s the wrong kind of pressure. When we do that as leaders, we lead with anxiety. “When we lead with anxiety because we are trying to get somewhere, we are dragging people into The Presence instead of inviting them. We are dragging them to the table where there’s always a seat for them.”
  • “You can’t perform in the presence, it’s impossible.” 
  • Steffany admires her parents because they’re always learning. She’s seen them lead people to Jesus their whole lives, but she’s also seen them learn their whole life. They remain students. 
  • “I find that God puts us in positions that we never feel ready for. And sometimes He picks the most unassuming season in our lives to do the craziest things through us.”

Pastoring People

  • If you want to have influence with people, you can’t just say “God told me to do it.” Do you want to change the church you’re in and have influence or just be the rebel? 
  • There’s a time for everything. God loves us too much to give us a crown that will crush us. 
  • Prophetic singers need to learn to pastor people through the moment. 
  • We equate closing our eyes with reverence, but closing our eyes is usually to stop the chaos. If we are still inside because we are connected to The Source, then we won’t have to close our eyes because we aren’t distracted by everyone around us.
  • Is what we are picking up on coming from outside of us, inside of us, or is the Lord speaking to us? As leaders we have to learn to sort through things quickly.
  • “If you are not leading yourself in worship more than you’re leading people, there is an unbalance. We need to be led well for our own well being.”


  • Steffany’s dad told her everyday that she was beautiful and born to change the world. It’s hard to not be that when you hear it that often. 
  • “The eyes we lock in with in secret, are the eyes we will find in every room. And you won’t have to close your eyes. You won’t be confused or overwhelmed when you walk into the room.”
  • There are times we come in and in our own insecurity we get frustrated with the lack of response from the church. We are making they’re response about us. For some people the best thing they could do is show up that day. If you want them to trust you give them your heart. We’ve got to stop judging the people we’re leading and making their response about us. 
  • Sometimes people are just watching to see if we are connected, and if we are practicing The Presence. If we are connected to The Source, we can’t lead by what we feel. 
  • “My confidence is not in my ability to rock a room. I know who I’ve been with long before I walked onto this stage. I know the One who keeps me and sustains me, and I know the one they need.” 
  • “It is my job as a spiritual mother to activate and inspire reformation of Jesus Christ with every person in the room. Not to try to fix them or change them, and drag them into The Presence as if I contained it.” 

Leading People into an Encounter

  • When we are in worship we get over ourselves and we step into alignment with the reason why we’re alive. When we’re in worship things are made right, things come into alignment, and everything gets really small. 
  • Everytime Steffany is in worship she says “This is why I’m alive.” Not because of the stage, that is ten percent of life. Our life everyday life, walking with God, this is why we’re alive. 
  • When we are actually engaged in worship, everything is slowed down and it’s a moment of clarity. Because we need His Presence, we live on His Presence.
  • “We should live for the moments when the people forget we’re there, when we step back out of the lights and the people lift their own song.”
  • “It takes a whole bunch of sons and daughters who know they’re beloved to change the world. Sons and daughters who become mothers and fathers, and invite people into their own encounter.”
  • “When you’re a deep well they can drink for your life, but the point is to lead them into an encounter so hat they now have access to heaven, and the Father of all Fathers long after they leave this room.”

Position, not Push

  • We have to be aware and do the work of knowing ourselves and know the people we are leading. You’re not going to always know the people you’re leading, but you can know yourself. 
  • We have to know the weight that comes with being a reformer. It’s easy for a reformer to project what they believe onto someone else. I’m aware when I am leading people that I don’t want to come in and drag people. It’s my focus to do that in the spirit not with people.
  • “My power is not in my push but in my position.” Sometimes we think the harder we push or the more of a scene we make the more spiritual it is. 
  • To be good leaders we have to know ourselves and understand how people experience us.