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Music Theory: Building Chords

Jeffery Kunde


Jeffrey teaches you how to build chords and includes practical examples from some of Bethel Music's songs.

Music Theory: Building Chords

Jeffrey Kunde

C Major Scale
  • 1 Chord starts on C = root scale

A chord is created by alternating notes until you have 3 notes being played. E.g. 1,3,5 – skipping 2 & 4

  • 2 Chord – starts on the 2nd note of the scale. Root of this chord is the D, 3 is the F and 5 is the A.
  • The definition of a major chord is 2 whole steps, then a whole step and a half step. Or 4 half steps plus 3 half steps.
  • The definition of a minor chord is the opposite – a step and a half, followed by 2 whole steps. Or 3 half steps plus 4 half steps.

3 Chord – starting on E = E,G,B - minor chord

4 Chord – Starting on F = F, A, C – major chord

5 Chord – Starting on G = G,B,D – major chord

6 Chord – Starting on A = A,C,E – minor chord

7 Chord – Starting on B = B,D,F – a diminished chord – 3 half steps plus 3 half steps.

One Thing Remains – Verse Chords: F major, C major, G major also know as 4,1,5 (National Number System). It doesn’t matter what key you’re in if you are using the Number System and you know your scales well – you can transpose easily this way.