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My Heart Is Steadfast

Sean Feucht

00:31:05 · Fundamentals


My Heart Is Steadfast

Sean Feucht

  1. The Davidic calling

    1. David was the one who broke all the rules. 

    2. David was obsessed with worship.

    3. The audacity that God would dwell with men had never been heard before.

    4. David kept connecting with God no matter the season. 

  2. We have to be worshippers that never let our circumstance change our song.

    1. Psalm 57 

      1. I know who I am. I am steadfast.

      2. The Psalm ends with global worship. (This is the will of the Lord. That the enemy would get nothing.)

    2. God is looking for faithfulness. 

    3. God wants to return to a radiant bride who knows who she is! Returning back to a place that looks like His home. 

    4. All of creation groans for someone who knows who they are. 

  3. Jesus didn’t even begin His ministry until he was 30.

    1. God said He was pleased with him before he did any miracles. 

    2. The approval of the Father comes first. 

    3. Jesus pioneered what it would look like to do ministry with a steadfast heart. 

      1. 3 years out of 33 he changed the world.

    4. Sometimes the Lord will withhold until your heart is steadfast. 

      1. The Lord has even taken things from me. Anytime he removes its so that he can establish. 

    5. Steadfastness takes you digging your own well. 

    6. David kept God as the center

    7. He was impossible to offend because all he wanted was the presence

  4. We need to become more aware of His presence

    1. It’s not always tangible, sometimes it is just the inner knowing.

    2. It is not always easy, sometimes I feel nothing. 


    4. He is so pleased when you are willing to worship Him even when you can not feel Him. 

  5. Confidence in a gospel that will never fade. 

    1. We have to know the times and the seasons. 

    2. God is writing a story that is just getting better and better. 

    3. Anchor yourself in the reality that things are getting better. 

  6. Delight in the law of the Lord. 

    1. Sing the Bible. 

    2. Col 3:15

“The greater the calling the greater the resistance.”