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On Earth As It Is In Heaven

Bill Johnson

0:44:15 · Fundamentals

We are called to host His presence.  It’s about the journey of walking in discovering the gift of God called the Holy Spirit.

We are called to host His presence 

  • Story: Moses and the burning bush. (Exodus 3)
  • All the gifts pail in comparison to the actual presence of God.
  • “Your shadow will always release what overshadows you.”
  • “God said He will not share His glory with another, but you are not another.”

You owe the world a demonstration of miracles

  • Story: Mark 6
  • He has done everything necessary to make it possible to walk in the miraculous.
  • Many people define their ministry by what they are good at versus what they are called to do.
  • “Our obedience does not depend on our own understanding.”

All of our giftings are like sails on a boat

  • The sails are not for observation they are there to catch the wind.
  • “Our purpose on the earth is for our gifts to catch the breath of God.”

How can we give divine favor?

  • As the Father sees us give favor by releasing encouraging words and edification to others he partners with that and releases His divine favor to them.
  • Story: John 20

Say yes to the journey of walking in discovering the gift of God called the Holy Spirit

  • “Not for the sake of ministry, but out of the overflow of relationship ministry will come.”
  • Everything that we do should be with the Holy Spirit in mind.
  • The greatest worshipper in the universe is the Holy Spirit. 
  • We need to turn our affection towards the Holy Spirit.
  • There is a history to be made in our alone time with God.