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On Writing

Amanda Lindsey Cook

00:32:21 · Songwriting

"I wrote you make me brave for myself - It was a song of remembrance for me." This session is to empower you to become a scribe to your life and your own story. 

On Writing

Amanda Cook

"I wrote "You Make Me Brave" for myself - It was a song of remembrance for me. This session is to empower you to become a scribe to your life and your own story. "

  • Exodus 31 - the first recorded instance of people being filled with the holy spirit. The Israelites are surviving on mana. But they are losing sight of who God was. But it’s the human experience. They need something to worship because they can’t see the invisible. So God call Moses up the mountain and gives him the 10 commandments. God wants Moses to build a temple. 
  • God asks Moses to commission obedient artists to build him a work of art. 
  • God was highlighting the people in the camp to Moses. 
  • When you are thinking about survival the last thing you think of is beauty, but God does. 
  • Conviction actually drives us to make something beautiful in a time of survival.
  • We are the temple.

To create Cosmos out of Chaos is a necessity. 

  • It doesn’t make sense to build a temple of gold when we are living in the dust. 
  • Writing is not something I knew I wanted to do when I was kid. I still struggle with the call. What we are asked to put on the page is imperative to our culture. 
  • I sit down and write, “You make me brave” because I’m fearful.
  • We write in the paradox of turning chaos into cosmos.
  • When communism takes over the first thing to go are the books. We need language. We need words. We write in spite of who will ever read it or see it. 

“Why should we write? Writing claims our world. We should write because we are spiritual beings. We should write because it brings clarity and passion to the act of living. We should write because writing is good for the soul.”

Don’t let your life pass by, pay attention and start listening to what is happening in your heart. 

  • When we write for other people it becomes about me trying to impress you instead of just jotting down what is going on in your life. 
  • It is our job to pay attention to what He says and write it down. 

They send John to the island of Patmos hoping that his message will die with him on a deserted island. 

  • He’s on an island, I wonder if he thought his story and his message was over.
  • And then one day the heavens split open, he falls over like he was dead, and he used meager language to describe seeing Jesus! The glorified Jesus and talks to his friend. 
  • John says, I have to jot this down to remember it.
  • There are so many memories in your history with the Lord that maybe you didn’t jot down, but you will now. 
  • The people who wrote the scriptures were meager people like us. 
  • Jesus dignified the human mind and body by having those things. 
  • He breathes on your meager attempts of jotting down your life!
  • You have what you need in order to write your story. You have the holy spirit inside of you.
  • And it’s important that we point this world towards beauty. 
  • It’s time to worship with our eyes wide open.