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Worship Leading
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Pastoring Your Team

Jenn Johnson

0:33:20 · Worship Leading

Operating in freedom as a leader and practical tips for empowering your team to thrive

Backstory on Jenn

  • Jenn shares about her journey with worship leading and growing up in the church. She also shares the first time she had raised her hands in worship during chapel, despite what people may have thought. As she looked around after raising her hands, she had noticed that others started to raise their hands as well. She then heard the Lord tell her “As you go after this and lean into what’s Me, others will follow.”
  • Jenn challenges students to dance with all their might. “Raising your hands is not dancing with all your might.” She references Ray Hughes when he says “to sculpt the air.” No matter your dance ability, don’t let anything come in the way of dancing with all your might before the Lord. 
  • When you come up to a line of fear in your life, sometimes you’ve just gotta do it and just right across. Even if it’s terrifying.
  • Jenn shares her story about how her and her family sold everything to move to Redding, CA to attend Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry. 
  • She also shares about her journey with starting to lead worship with Brian and the favor they’ve seen in that area.


  • One person walking in the anointing vs. 25 people who are okay: Which would you rather have? 
  • Allow God to define leadership and worship leading. It’s important to approach God with open hands in this. 
  • Being a the leader isn’t for the faint of heart: sometimes you have to be obedient over being inclusive when team building and co-leading. 
  • Jenn shares about Bethel Music’s value in co-leading with people who they feel the Lord breathing on in that current season. 
  • Being strategic and particular in choosing your team isn’t cliquey or exclusivity, it’s actually a form of obedience and honor. 
  • Jenn suggests that the co-leader and leader bring about 5 songs each, and make space for the team to pray and play through those songs to feel what the Lord’s doing. 
  • Having a guideline, a grid and a plan is good. Then allow yourself to then follow the Lord wherever He leads.
  • Jenn shares practical notes on how she would lead her team in a song that they haven’t prepared for. 
  • Co-leading is not just leading with another singer, it’s leading with the rest of the band. It’s being attentive to the rest of the band mates, and ready to let any one of them lead, if the Lord’s on it. 
  • “David played skillfully before the Lord.” It didn’t mean he could play every guitar solo in the world, but it meant he was trained and played in excellence, so that he was capable of playing what he felt in his spirit. 
  • Do your vocal warm ups. 
  • Also, have the mental practice of laying things down and letting things go before the Lord before starting a set. 
  • You don’t wanna drag your internal world up on stage, but there’s also times where the Lord will want to use something that He’s doing in your personal life. There’s a balance to find in this.
  • First song of the set, Jenn makes sure to keep her worship vertical to the Lord before feeling out the room. 
  • Be mindful of the people you’re leading worship for: many of them aren’t musicians, some of them are 90 year old grandmas, people who don’t listen to music or even the radio. Constantly keep in mind everyone everywhere. They won’t care for the intricacy that you may care for during your personal time, so keep simplicity and “easy to follow” in mind. 

Have Courage To Follow The Holy Spirit

  • Watching who God’s on.
  • Don’t be afraid to then empower them. 
  • As a worship leader, you’re also a pastor to your team. You’re encouraging them to step out in there gift and it’s crucial to remind them that this isn’t about one person, it’s about “us” and the Lord. 
  • It’s important to make sure your musicians and team have character and integrity and are filled with the Spirit of God. - Don’t ever let the fear of lack of musicians get in the way of keeping a team of integrity and accountability. 
  • Worship is so precious, so much so, that in order to go to the places we need to go with our team and the Lord, people need to be pure of heart and ready to follow. 
  • It has nothing to do with perfection, but everything to do with holy and submitted lives. 
  • “A massive part of what we do and where we’ve been able to go with God is that we’ve been able to go with clean hands and clean hearts.” Don’t be afraid of cleaning house on your worship team. “Whoever You want Lord, bring ‘em, whoever You don’t want, take ‘em.” It’s important to keep an open hand with your team. 
  • Is it possible that you’re a better worship leader without your instrument? Check with your people who are on instruments, and if they’re skillfully playing, that’s good. But for some people, it’s very difficult to sing, follow the Lord prophetically, and play with excellence. Know your bandmates strengths. 
  • Be brave enough to submit your gift to your leaders and your sound team. Don’t be afraid of good feedback.