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Practicing the Prophetic

Brian Johnson

00:27:23 · Worship Leading

We need to go from thermometers to thermostats.

Brian Johnson

Prophetic Worship

  1. It is our responsibility as prophetic worship leaders to posture ourselves as prophetic pastors.

    1. They can see a destination AND to know how to lead people to that place.

    2. John 4:23- 24

We need to go from thermometers to thermostats. 

B. Feelings are your best friend, and also your worst enemy.   

  • Feelings give us insight into reality but not necessarily the reality. 

  • Feelings can give a heads up but not always the truth.

  • We need to state the eternal truth not the temporal truth.

  • We need to edify, exhort, and console.

  1.  Practicing the prophetic in the congregation

    1. Singing out what your issue is will cause a connection in the people who have the same issue. Doesn't mean it’s right or prophetic. 

    2. The prophetic is the thing that will bring personal victory. It celebrates the God in people. 

    3. Every song is like a life raft. (song or prophetic song) Its also a spark that ignites the already existing flame. 

    4. Our prophetic songs should build faith and cause people to step out in it. 

One of the enemy’s greatest tactics against you is your confidence. 

Intimacy with God fixes insecurity.