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Heart of Worship
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Pure Hearted Worship

Brian Johnson

00:43:25 · Heart of Worship

Worship is or it isn’t. It's black or it’s white.  You cannot slip things past God. But God is gracious with us. The thing about our God is that he never gives up. We will spend our entire lives learning what worship is. 

Brian Johnson

Pure Hearted Worship

  1. What is worship?

  2. It is the picture of commitment, humility, and surrender.

  3. Worship is where we tie our hearts to His.

  4. The commitment to connecting your heart to His.

  5. . Gen 4:3-7 (Cain and Abel)

  6. Cain brought religion to God when God wanted relationship. Is your something worship or religion?

Everything Jesus did he lived it out and taught it. 

His worship was in the footsteps. He experienced what it was like to get His hands dirty.

Life has a way of getting us ready.

“How dare we sit down and write when we haven’t stood up to live.” Quote from Twitter account writing Daily - 

God wants us to stand up. 

We all want to have something to say. But we haven’t taken the risk to stand up and live. (Revelation)

  B.  If the offering of your life worship or religion?

  1. One is heart deep and one is surface. 

  2. The story of a prostitute - Jesus perspective was that was the purest worship. She knew in that moment she couldn’t go back to her old life. All the religious people saw that she was a prostitute. They only could see the surface. But God sees the heart deep.


  C. We cannot play the comparison game with worship.

  1. He wants an original offering, not the copy. 

  2. When it comes to worship he made everyone an original. He loves what you love. 

  3. Worship is NOT surface. It’s inside. What we express on the outside is the reflection of what's inside.

   D.     Living with conviction-

  1. Worship must go past the music and the song. 

  2. If you stick with Him long enough you will realize He’s asking you for the things that will cost you.

   E.    Brian Johnson’s Personal Convictions 

  1. I’d rather live with conviction and influence a handful of people than spend my life climbing a ladder losing the effect of my voice with each step.

  2. “When fame is the motive. Relevance becomes the god and eventually STRIPS THE POWER from our assignment.”  - quote from girl on Instagram

  3. It’s good to build our ministries, but let's not call it for God and people if it’s really mainly for our own egos. It’s easy to say it's for the right reasons until our names are removed from the equation.

  4. It’s our job to live with conviction before an all knowing all seeing God. 

  5. Does the offering of your life say HE IS LORD?

Does your offering get God on his feet?

        F.    Music

  1. Music in and of itself is not worship? 

  2. Music is a means to express worship, but not worship. Worship is the heart going up toward God in gratitude and thanksgiving for all that God has done.

  3. Music is what gives expression to love and adoration.

  4. Worship is the heart going up to God in gratitude and thanksgiving. 

  5. Write unto someone so people can feel God in it. 

Worship must cost you something.

When we get our eyes off and decide to go our own way, out of the fold of accountability, slowly we drift off. 

To live a life of worship - is seeing Him as He is and responding to the revelation we received.

Worship is intentionally removing the things in our lives that get in the way.

Worship is not a passive heart posture. It’s a disciplined aggressive heart posture.

We were born into a war and it takes backbone to survive let alone thrive. 

         G.     Worshipping is to forgive.

  1. Worship is committing to continue to forgive those of us around us. 

  2. Forgiving is refusing to hold onto resentment. 

  3. Nothing else can survive when God is present.

  4. Matthew 6:14-15

  5. If we don’t forgive, he won’t forgive.

  6. It doesn’t matter what we do if we don’t forgive.

    H.     Worship is surrendering your plans for His.

  1. Proverbs 19:21

  2. Allow him to direct your steps. Find your lane in Jesus.

  3. 1 Cor 12:12-13 

  4. We all have access to the spirit. He will not lead you into a dead end. We have fear of Him letting us down or to the dead in. God will not lead you to that. It’s a Promise.

  5. We get ourselves in a lot of trouble when we try to do it without Him.

  6. You need to have a commitment to  hear his voice because it will save your life.

  1. What can we do practically to live a lifestyle of worship?

  1. Commit daily to reading his word with the holy Spirit next to you. Let him highlight what you need. Ps 119:105 ,119:9-11

  2. A simple devotion to him. Time given to him is worship. Viewing life through the God lense. Ps 73 

So whether we live or die we must live a life that is pleasing to Him. (2 Cor 5:9-10)

We may not be able to control the impact or size of our lives, but we can control the size of our worship.

Worship is our eternal call.