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Purity in Worship

Hunter Thompson

0:29:34 · Community

Hunter redefines worship as God’s desire to be close to us, our opportunity to give something that of cost, and being passionate through consistency. 

God Wants Partnership

  • Hunter learned how to lead worship in college when he sat in his dorm by himself and played his guitar worshiping the Lord. He learned how God viewed him, and that God had a desire to be close to him. It created in him a burning for that closeness. 
  • The Garden of Eden is the example of pure worship. He wanted to walk in the garden with Adam and have him name the animals because God loves to partner with us.
  • “The biggest misconception about worship is that it is a passive act, when instead it was God’s original intention to build something with us while all the while remaining near to Him.”
  • “Worship is ultimately the lack of distance between our heart and His.”
  • “It doesn’t matter if you’re washing a dish or leading in front of two thousand people, if your heart is pure in the midst of both, its actually just as pleasing in the eyes of God. If we actually believed that maybe we wouldn’t complain.”
  • When we truly understand that worship is not just a passive act, the very format of church itself is flipped on its head.

The Cost of Worship

  • Hard work comes at an equally hard cost. 
  • “Our level of willingness to let God cost us something is the clearest indicator to the level we allow God encounter us.”
  • The healthy boundary you’re putting on God is the ceiling, the cap. That’s as far as you’re going to get. 
  • “We have to let worship cost us something every single time. There a poetic nature to it, of gaining something priceless but only at the cost of losing everything.”
  • Hard work with God comes with a price tag. There’s got to be a cost if you want to actually gain something.

His Presence Reveals His Character

  • Worshipping in a corporate setting has nothing to do with what is happening on stage but what is happening collectively with everyone in the audience, creating something together just like they did in the Garden of Eden.
  • We need to disconnect our worship from His Presence. His presence isn’t attached to our worship, it’s attached to His character. When we draw near to him, he will draw near to us. It’s not because we played the right songs.
  • “Fully concentrated worship is just a choice, it’s choosing Jesus. When I realize that He has chosen me over and over again I can’t help but respond with gratitude.”


  • The traits of someone who is passionate about God are the qualities of endurance and consistency. 
  • Success in worship just looks like showing up. 
  • “I’ve had a personal revelation of what happens in Heaven when I say yes. I write a lot of songs, and the reality of it is that no one is ever going to hear them. But what keeps me writing them is that I know that heaven is going to sing them forever.” 
  • Passion looks like focusing on the unseen.