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Quieting The Inner Critic

Kalley Heiligenthal

In this session Kalley shares her own journey of mastering the inner critic. Join us as Kalley sheds light on many of the lies we need to stop believing.

Quieting the Inner Critic

Kalley Heiligenthal

Kalley opens by having students listen to two bridges, building into the Chorus.

What if some songs had never been finished? What if you don’t finish the songs you’ve started?

  • God didn’t create lazy people. There’s another reason we don’t finish what we started.

Jesus had a calling on His life. His final words were “It is finished”, he had completed His calling. We were always supposed to finish and complete our calling. Important things have to be fought for.

There are patterns that we get into, patterns or resistance.

Kalley prays for students for the ability to break these patterns, and quiet those inner voices that tell you you’re not qualified.

Kalley tells students the process of how “Ever be” was written.

Most warfare happens in your mind. Athletes visualize their play first and it actualy affects the way they play. Kalley proposes this is the same in songwriting.

Lies to be cast down:

  • “I can’t process my feelings because they’re ugly” - that is religion.
  • Self-loathing and general negativity. We talk to ourselves in ways we would never dream of speaking to anyone else. Steward youself well, so the Lord can trust you.
  • “I’m cliche” - It’s actually an accusation against God. You are actually custom-created. When you are genuine and authentic you can never be cliche.
  • “Pressure! You’re running out of time!” - who set a date to artisitc relevance! My best days are ahead of me always.
  • “No-one cares what I think or say” - people opinions matter less and less when you know how He sees you.
  • “I don’t have what it takes” - who qualifies you? You? Or God?
  • “It’s not worth it” - this is discouragement and apathy. We are actually meant to work, God created us to co-labor with Him in the garden. We just have to find where. You work with Him to craft your song, He won’t rip it out of you.

Think carefully about the voices that talk to you. John 10, "You hear His voice. You can discern Him from the other voices.

  • If a voice rushes you, discourages you, makes you feel less than who you are you can be pretty sure it’s not Him.
  • We’ve had things that have gone dormant in us because of critics talking at us about them for too long.
  • As artists we may need to look head on at our gifting and get after it again.

Kalley ministers to the students.