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Raising the Sail

Ray Hughes

01:00:16 · Lifestyle

Stability is anchorage so you can grow from that place. Maintain places of anchorage. Instability is prophetic, eccentric, creative.

Ray Hughes

Raising the Sail

There are dramatic differences and demands that are placed on worship leaders and creative in the church today.

  1. Church culture is like the ocean - ever-changing.

  2. We will never change culture by becoming like the world or culture. We will never change the church by becoming like the church. 

  3. The church is always changing. It’s like the Ocean - forever the same but also forever changing. You need to know which boat you’re getting into before raising the sail.

  4. FInd the difference between boats and buildings. 

  5. Creative environments tend to be very unstable. Stability is anchorage so you can grow from that place. Maintain places of anchorage. Instability is prophetic, eccentric, creative.

  6. We care what people think of us - we want to impact people, the world, and culture. Despite the pretense we don’t care that people think of us.

  7. Influence is what happens over a span of time. Difference between impactors and Influencers. Passion will have great impact on other’s lives, people will misunderstand that and try to harness you. But that’s not who you are.

  8. Now we live in a generation where creatives are being celebrated. There are still limitations surrounding creatives. 

B. We want to confine God’s knowings and doings to things we understand. 

  1. But we are called to things we don’t understand. And therefore to be deemed unstable. 

  2. There are foundational truths from the cross that we do have to anchor ourselves to, but we do not have permission to give up on the God-breathed dreams and purposes in our lives because someone doesn’t understand us. 

  3. God is going to change the culture because we’re willing to do His thing.

C. Buildings:

  1. Are built with stability in mind. 

  2. Withstand weather conditions. 

  3. “Come in and be comfortable in what we’ve built”

D. Boats:

  1. Are unstable by nature - their movement is built for the wind and the waves that move it.

  2. “Get in and lean forward because we’re going somewhere. Get in everybody, this is gonna be a ride!”

Never mistake motion for momentum. Destiny vs driveness. Destiny is about the journey. 

E. Ray shares some of his experiences in Ireland and stories from there.

  1. “Wherever the wind of the spirit carry us, will be where we go.”

  2. Wild Goose chase - The Holy Spirit was the Wild Goose.

  3. Holy Spirit is a fire and a wind. He is not a gentleman.

F. MIlton Wright - Wilbur and Orville wright. 

  1. One generation creates restrictions and limitations (that’s unstable), the next is beginning to dream. 

  2. Their daddy raised the funds for the research. There are people today saying God wants the outlandish - get on it, they are “financing” you.

G. The unstable ones are often the ones God uses to bring people to Him. 

  1. Just don’t set your sail to the storm.

  2. A holy restlessness born out of anticipation in your heart.

  3. Don’t be directed by the last disappointment.

  4. Where are you? True mariners needs relationship with the heavens in order for the wind to not be their enemy. The wind is the point of reference.

The Ships:

H. Dictatorship

  1. Politically poisoned and personality driven.

  2. Lifestyle of crisis management. 

  3. Loud, insecure personalities who are trying to manage their future. Flashy sermons and empty promises. Control issues. 

  4. MInistry will produce hurt and seasons of pain, but that’s not who you are. 

  5. What looks like strength is usually weakness, they are usually operating out of the flesh. MInistries don’t fall because of weakness, they fall because of strengths. 

  6. Operating out of the flesh without consequences means you fall for things of the flesh. 

  7. These ships go down in the very storm they self-perpetuate.

I. Leadership

leaders are ones that are going somewhere. Relationship is a key.

J. Relationship

  1. If you can’t go to your pastor and be honest with him, then you won’t be. If the consequences for being honest are harsher than the consequences of dishonesty there is no trust. 

  2. Passion has to yield to that thing you can never be fully open and honest about. 

  3. God has given a grace for vulnerability in these days. 

  4. Relationship driven churches are really MOM ( minister of the music)  and POP (pastor of the people)  driven. If there’s not a healthy marriage there then forget moving forward. POP = practical, MOM = more sensitive, creative types. You need the two hearts together. You’re both building this thing together. There needs to be a cooperation built out of real trust, relationship, openness and loyalty. 

  5. You need to be getting to places where you can get real and be honest. It’s your responsibility to get it there. Then you’ll be free to be who you are.

K. Apprenticeship 

  1. Mindset - it’s not about building a ministry. But rather, God, how can I give my life away and have it count? 

  2. Creativity is not about genius, it’s about generosity. Give your life away generously. The generosity of your heart builds long-term fruit. 

  3. 1 Chron 25:1 - David and the tabernacle.

  4. The Name of God was in their sound. “Yad” - hand of the kind and order of the king. Apprenticeship on the harp. Play the name of God on the harp. 22 strings on the harp - 22 letters in the hebrew alphabet. They played the name of God. 

  5. Touch the strings and the heart of God that will awaken his power. 

  6. Live our lives bigger than church.

  7. Apprentices are being raised up right now. Walking in enough humility.

  8. The same field where David played his harp is the same field where Jesus was born.

L. Mentorship 

  1. Don’t get in a situation where you don’t have mentors in your life. 

  2. Prophecy is not about telling you what to do. It’s about awakening who you are. Who you really are will come alive. 

  3. Five-fold ministry still has a place.

  4. A mentor doesn’t tell you what to do. They love you with such a love that you cannot help but do what you were born to do.

M. Discipleship

  1. Discipline. Music means you work harder than everyone else - it’s hard to get into! 

  2. Learn how to work. Give yourself to your skill and your art. 

  3. God’s not going to honor laziness. 

N. Friendship 

  1. Make sure you have people you know are friends in your life. 

  2. Opportunists are always around. 

  3. God’s going to give you real friendships to grow forward.

O. Authorship

  1. He is the author and the finisher of your faith. Get in the boat with Him. 

  2. No matter how many Dictatorships you go through - you need to be leaning towards authorship. 

  3. When disappointment comes to your life He is faithful and will continue to write your story. 

  4. If you’re going to get in the author’s ship, you need to become an author. The word “author” comes from authority. If you’re an author you do your research - you become an authority on the subject. Write for the generations coming behind you. Leave something of a heritage for the next generation. 

  5. Discipline yourself to become a writer. “I hold history and I write the future” - Ray Hughes. Write something every day. Be faithful as you can to author something. Just write thoughts down. Be disciplined to make sure your great-great-grandchildren have something to read. 

  6. King David had the audacity to have someone write everything he thought, sang, spoke out.

Ray prays for the students.