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Receiving the Love of God

Abi Stumvoll

00:50:04 · Lifestyle

A crucial message pertaining to the way that we see God.  The way that we see Him will be the way that we receive from Him.  In this lesson Abi goes after strongholds of unbiblical ways that we see God and begins to shine light on a loving Father who is so excited to love us.

Receiving The Love Of God

Abi Stumvol

Abi was the miracle child in her family.

  • Her parents had difficulty having children, three miscarriages 
  • Abi grew up with the pressure (she thought) of being the miracle 
  • She felt that if she was good enough, she would make up for the hurt in her family.

Abi’s mom was suicidal when Abi was young and she grew up with a thought process of

“I have to be excellent or everything will come crashing down.”

  • Abi knew the Lord her whole life but she was in a lot of turmoil 
  • Suicidal thoughts, turmoil, anxious, and depression plagued her childhood 
  • Lasted into her teenage years.

When Abi first accepted the Lord, she didn’t have a major “set free” moment

  • She did everything (fasted, prayed, spent hours with the lord, evangelized, prayed for the sick) she did all the “Good christian things” yet she was still tormented.

God spoke to Abi: “Who you believe I am is wrong and it’s causing bad fruit” 

Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness, and Self Control.

“The fruit of our relationship should be those things, not the opposite.” More freedom, not anxiety. 

Abi’s relationship was linked to the idea that God was angry and grumpy (on a pedestal). 

  • She felt her whole life was to beg at God’s feet. 
  • She compares her relationship to her husband with the Lord 
  • She describes a dinner where she apologizes for everything wrong 
  • Her husband wouldn’t actually enjoy his meal
  • This is how we act towards the Lord sometimes

“If all your relationship with God is about the demonic battles and sin, you will have nothing to talk about with him in heaven.” 

Everything, in Abi’s mind, was very high stakes in her life and ministry

  • ”The fate of their eternity rests on my shoulders” 
  • ”How could I be free of torment if I think that one wrong move will ruin my life or someone else’s eternity?”

Let God peel back the layers of your pain in your heart.

  • God uses his love and crazy circumstances to free us
  • God will allow pain in our heart to build and sometimes it bursts so it can come out
  • God wants you to feel your pain and let it out so he can come in. 
  • “You were born to love and be loved” 
  • The pressure on her to be the miracle, perfect child fell off of her. This experience released her. 
  • God made you so he could love you, not to save the world. 

God is so excited to love you

  • You don’t have to be anything, change, fix anything 
  • God loves you now and he loves to love you regardless. 
  • He is addicted to love and loving you no matter what you do. 

Practical Ways of Receiving God’s Love

  • Remain in love to bear good fruit in the Lord.
  • Christians believe they can figure out their messes then connect. It’s actually his love that brings transformation.
  • Allow God to fill you with love in the midst of your struggle and that love will actually cause freedom.It’s crazy to believe that apart from God we could have break through.
  • Change your view of the Lord
    • Imagine God with the cheesiest grin on his face 
    • How often do you look at God and see a smile? 
    • How could we have joy if God is not joyful?
  • Ask the lord for one moment the lord laughed or smiled at something you did.
  • ”God show me how happy you are?” example of a conditioning exercise for your mind. 
    • My prayer is always, “love me more in this area.” His love will pull you
    • When you feel really loved, you will want to respond
    • The prayer of every christian should be “Love me, and give me eyes to see your love.”
  • Let people love you
    • If you have your walls up towards people, you will do the same towards the Lord. 
  • Vulnerability. 
    • We can be terrified to sound needy, but there is a great middle ground. We don’t have to be in trauma to be vulnerable. It is important to let people love us in our weakness.
  • Learn to love yourself 
    • It says nine times to love the Lord your God and love your neighbor as YOURSELF 
    • Loving our neighbor without ourself is codependence. Loving yourself without your neighbor is narcissism.
    • Loving yourself is inviting God’s love into the place that you have the most authority.

Bill says: “Who is the most humble man to ever walk the Earth? Jesus. How many times did he criticize himself? Never. You have to leave His heart to do it. You have to step outside of his way of thinking to be involved in self criticism.”

God was so excited about love that God needed more things to love 

  • That’s why you were created. We get the chance to look at all our flaws and agree or we can look at who God really is. 
  • He isn’t looking at your wrongs. 

“I have given up judging my heart.. Instead I let God love me into wholeness.”