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Receiving the Love of God

Abi Stumvoll

01:00:21 · Heart of Worship

God loves honesty much more than perfection.

Abi Stumvoll

Receiving the Love of God

Abi has her spiritual mom sing a Hebrew blessings over the class. She opens in prayer.

  1. Abi’s story:

  2. Abi shares her parents struggle to have children. She was the miracle child. She felt a sense of needing to be joy for her mother, who struggled with depression. “You’re my source of joy.”

  3. Abi was tormented, full of shame and wanted to die.

  4. She got a tattoo with God’s permission to write a promise of His on her body.

  5. “I will not quit until I experience abundant life.” - Abi Stumvoll

  6. One night she received prayer and deliverance and found herself yelling at God.

  7. “God loves honesty much more than perfection” - Abi Stumvoll

  8. It hit her that this is why she had held on to death.

  9. “When the heat gets turned up, sometimes the crap comes out.” You have to get the lies out so that the healing balm can get into the spot that needs it.

  10. When you experience pain, but you let Jesus go through it with you, you can go all the way through it and out the other side.

  11. She found out her mother had had an affair and realized that’s where some lies had come in. The Lord spoke to her in this moment and said: “You were born to be loved.”

B. God doesn’t birth us to be His workers. He birthed us to pursue us and love us.

  1. She has spent her life learning to be loved by him.

  2. The gospel is simple - come as you are and be loved.

  3. In every season you become more whole, because love heals.

  4. 1 John 4 - God is Love.

  5. The greatest commandment is Love. Love God, Love each other, Love ourselves. Everything is about love.

  6. To be filled with the fullness of God, you need to know Love. To know Him is to know Love.

  7. Jesus came so that we wouldn’t never feel separated from Love again. If we don’t feel loved then there’s a disconnect.

  1. God is in a good mood.

  2. You cannot produce a fruit that you don’t see in God. Whatever we see is what we produce. 

  3. “Passion without Joy will always be religion” - Bill Johnson. Abi has the students ask God to show them one time he was smiling or laughing at/with them. She leads them in an encounter.

2. We should be the best people in the world with having a constant list of all the things God loves about us.

  1. Love is a muscle. You have to exercise it. “What do you love about me? What do you enjoy about me?” When you can hear God clearly about you, you are able to hear him more clearly about others - prophecy. 

  2. Abi leads students in asking God what His favorite things are about them. Loved people live whole. 

  3. The more loved you are the more freedom you live in. 

  4. You compromise when your heart is starving for love. 

  5. God’s love never turns off, but sometimes shame or lies shut it off from being able to be seen. Loving one another is part of knowing God’s love. 

3. Live vulnerably

  1. When you have walls up towards people it limits God being able to show himself to you.

  2. Keep a journal of all the ways people are loving you. 

  3. Even though people hurt us, God uses them to bring love to us too. 

  4. Invite people to love you. Be vulnerable with people. 

  5. If you project an image no “food” gets to you. If you feel a disconnect from people’s love it’s because you’re not showing up! Drop the mask. 

  6. When you have secrets love gets stolen from you. The more known you are, the more love you can receive.

  7. Learn how to receive love when you did nothing to earn. 

  8. You are loved radically so you can love radically. 

  9. When love is stretching you it’s uncomfortable. That’s when you lean in.

4. Run at fear. 

  1. Fear and love are opposites. If you’re afraid of something, run at it. 

  2. Abi shares a story of dancing on the stage. 

  3. The only way you get free is to push out fear. WHATEVER I have to do to get free.

  4. Abandon fear and shame. Kick them out. The more you push on that, the more God’s love has room to grow. 

  5. Abi leads students in an encounter.