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Redeeming a Sound

Dan McCollam

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Dan broadens our perspective to a worldwide approach to music and worship. The arts go beyond language and customs and are more multidimensional than we think. Dan leads us through an understanding of the instruments used and referenced in scripture and enhances our perspective to see the beauty of our own sound and the sound of the land.

Redeeming a Sound - Dan McCollam

There are approximately 4,000 languages spoken in the world.
  • There are over 16,000 dialects.
  • 98% of the population speaks 389 of these language.
  • Dano began thinking about the countries he had visited, & was curious about their original songs.
Dan’s goal in the next 10 years is to raise 100 interns who are pursuing 3–4 languages.
  • These interns will then release song of the Lord in those languages.
  • In the next decade the song of the Lord will be sung in 98% of world.
  • Dano was called to raise up the sound of worship in nations that are on the leading edge of revival.
Fiji is the largest unreached people group in Oceania.
  • People in Fiji have amazing voices, they were singing a Western hymn.
  • They have a distinct sound & instruments, beyond simply embracing worship songs of the West.
Jesus is looking for worshippers who will worship Him in spirit and truth (John 4).
  • Part of this worship is about accuracy- proper understanding, theology.
  • Part of this worship is about authenticity- with who you really are.
We need to blend our identity as the global church with our identity as the local church.
  • Many people have been impacted by the arts of the West.
  • This is good, but can become a problem when people start losing their own song, message.
  • It is right to sing songs that come from other places, this is good for the global church.
  • Along with the global church, the local churches need to sing their own songs.
What gives us the right to search out authentic songs & redeem sounds?
  • Psalm 150 speaks of praising the Lord with all types of instruments.
  • There are 4 ancient classifications for instruments:
  • Ideophones - high, loud cymbals, xylophone, that produce sounds by vibrating.
  • Membranophones - drums, a vibrating membrane.
  • Chordophones - produce sounds by vibrating strings.
  • Aerophones - Oboe, trumpet vibrating columns of air.
  • Today we also have a new category- electric instruments.
We are entering a day similar to the tabernacle of David.
  • The Bible endorses the use of every type of instrument in worship.
  • The Bible says let everything that has breath praise the Lord.
  • Some of you will create instruments we have never seen before.
  • Psalm 67 says the earth will yield its harvest when all the people praise Him.
  • When you connect with the song of the Lord it brings authority.
  • This releases authority over economic systems, ecological systems, and weather patterns.
The new sound is linked to the land bringing forth its blessings.
  • Your song has power over the land, to bless your city, to have an impact in the atmosphere.
  • E.g. The sounds of birds singing scientifically cause a higher fertilization in plants.
  • God inhabits the praises of His people, so as we praise, His blessing is released.
  • As we behold God, we become like what we see in Him.
Your song is supposed to impact the world.
  • Psalm 24 refers to 3 types of gates: the gate of heaven, gate of the church, gate of mankind.
  • Psalm 24 refers to the ancient doors, which refers to the land.
Gate of heaven
  • What is the Lord saying over your specific city and region?
  • What scriptures & prophecies have been declared over your area?
  • Songwriters, musicians, artists can translate these words into artistic expression.
  • Learn to translate spiritual truths into something that people can relate to.
  • We find truth about what God says about the global church in Scriptures.
  • Revival centers like Bethel are releasing a global message.
  • We find truth about what God says about the local church through declaration & prophecy.
  • Revival centers like Bethel are capturing & releasing a global message of what God is doing around world.
Gate of the church
  • This gate refers to the church’s role as an ambassador of heaven on earth.
  • An ambassador represents the interests of one kingdom to another kingdom.
  • We are called to be fully aware of heavenly realms & fully aware of earthly realms.
Learn to touch heaven and represent earth at the same time as a worship leader:
  • Worshipper is aware of what is happening in heaven.
  • Leader who is aware of what is happening on the earth.
  • You have a responsibility to take people somewhere.
  • We must be willing to meet the people where they are at.
  • God wants to release His glory through you, not move you out of the way.
Jesus was the perfect example of an ambassador.
  • He was humble and spoke to people where they were at, he spoke in a manner they understood.
  • In John 5 he describes only doing what He hears from the Father.
  • E.g. An ambassador from France travelling to the United States:
  • Represents the interests of France.
  • But expresses these interests in the language of the United States.
You can learn a great deal about worship from your senior leader, even if they are not musical.
  • They know the Spirit of God and they know how to lead people.
  • Allow these leaders to influence your growth as a leader.
The secret to all fruitfulness is abiding in God.
  • This develops your sensitivity to the presence of God.
  • This creates an awareness of God at all times.
  • You will become more aware of what is happening in the heavenlies.
  • Once Dan’s worship team started to hear the sound of Heaven’s fire in the room.
  • One of the members moved on from this moment, and this sound from heaven left.
Gate of mankind.
  • God’s priority at Pentecost was that everyone would hear the praises of God in their own language.
Acts 1, 2 The Day of Pentecost.
  • A sound came from heaven came in and filled the room, (mighty rushing wind).
  • But the sound of this breakthrough wasn’t the sound they took to the streets (different tongues).
  • God wanted people to encounter Him by hearing His praises in their own language.
  • Jesus became a person per-son (“son” comes from the word “sonic”).
  • God became a person we could hear, touch, experience one earth.
Sometimes other cultures think that their sound is inferior to Western culture.
  • 9 years ago a friend of Dan’s in India had been writing and singing songs in his language.
  • He normally led 27 people and was asked to lead 25,000 people (there ended up being 40,000!).
  • It has brought massive increase and transformation to that region in India.
  • Martin Smith of Delirious wrote an article identifying him as most influential Indian worship leader.
God inhabits the praise of His people (Psalm 22:3)
  • God has established 18 music studios around the world & 24 global partners through Dan.
  • They are writing, recording, and releasing their own sound of praise to God among their people.
Fusion causes all the gates mentioned in Psalm 24 to be open.
  • How can we pioneer writing worship songs in the genres that people are “singing in the streets?"
  • How can we use modern sounds and cultural elements to express what God is saying?
  • Listen to the genre of the top 10 songs on iTunes currently.
  • Listen to genre of the top worship songs on iTunes currently.
  • What is heaven saying in the sound of the people?
  • Worshippers get to be the voice of God to the people.
The Ancient Door.
  • You can lead the earth in rejoicing with you to God.
  • The melodies of different instruments coincide with the geography of the land.
  • E.g. Aboriginal sound of didgeridoo sounds steady, flat like land.
  • E.g. Celtic flutes and pipes sound like mountainous land of Ireland.
  • E.g. Ukelele sounds like waves washing up in island nations.
Using instruments made of local materials (wood, metal, skins) cause the earth to unite with heaven.
  • You can use metaphor & language from the land.
  • Utilize what you see around you when you write songs for the local church.
  • The sound of the citizens of a place have the greatest authority over territorial spirits.
  • Sometime it’s unbelievers that are making more music in a place, empowering strongholds.
  • When the 1st heaven & 3rd heaven are saying the same thing, warfare in 2nd heaven is displaced.
  • Keep singing the global songs that agree with the global church.
  • But discover & sing the individual, local songs from your community over your region.