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Redeeming a Sound

Dan McCollam

0:27:22 · Songwriting

Dan teaches on the topic of redeeming songs beyond musical preference or style.

Song redemption is not about musical preference or style.

It’s about:

Authenticity. •It’s about finding a place of authenticity in our worship.

Heart song. •This causes people to worship at another level. •It’s about music that touches your heart and causes you to engage.

Justice. •Justice is the restoration of dignity. •Missionaries have “westernized” the sounds of other countries. •People have given up their heart song because they didn’t think it was acceptable to God.

“Your sound is of the devil.” •Isaiah 14:13–15 •The goal of pride is to exalt your throne above God’s. •The devil is not a creator. •When you say a sound is of the devil, you are saying he is exalted above God’s throne as a creator.

All things were created by God. •John 1:3 •Col. 1:16,17 •Rev. 4:11

Redeeming a sound is about redeeming everything back to the honor and glory to God, and restoring creation to the creator.

Everything in the earth belongs to God. (Psalm 24:1)

Obstacles: •Thinking that something can be of the devil. •The mindset of the church regarding their job. •Their job is not to point out sin. •John 12 •Luke 6

Jesus came to seek and save that which was lost.