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Serving the Senior Pastor

Paul Baloche

0:31:06 · Community

Paul talks about establishing a strong relationship with your senior pastor by serving, studying and respecting your leader.

Serving the Senior Pastors - Paul Baloche

We are the Living letter of Christ.
  • We are how people are to read to the gospel.
  • Your life represents the word of Christ.
How do we serve?
  • Take no thought and serve.
  • The greatest among you is a servant.
Study your leader.
  • Know the strengths and weaknesses of your pastor.
  • Understand their idiosyncrasies.
Respect your leader.
  • Part of our work is to respect.
  • Remember that your leader is human and look for things to honor, respect, or appreciate.
  • Often pastors have a wall around their heart from previous wounds.
Be a safe place to your senior pastor.
  • This may take time to develop.
  • This doesn’t mean you will be their best friend.
  • Be a sounding board.
  • Be a sincere encourager rather than a flatterer.
  • Every pastor is different in his or her style of leadership.
  • Cultivate empathy for your pastor.
Take initiative to build relationship.
  • Reach out and take time to build a connection with your pastor.
  • Get feedback from leadership.
  • Bring a teachable spirit; don’t be defensive.
  • Find out what is working, and what isn’t.
  • Identify other leaders for feedback as well.