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Shake off the Dust

Havilah Cunnington

Success is about being free in the things we’re called to be free in.

Havilah Cunnington

Shake the Dust

  1. We need to have a strategy for offense in our life

  2. We’ve all been in places relationally where we want to hurt people in conflict.

  3. Success is about being free in the things we’re called to be free in.

  4. Offense becomes the obstacle to your destiny if you don’t have a strategy to deal with it.

  5. In life, you are always going to deal with conflict.

  6. How do you deal with it? Ignore it? Group Counseling?

  7. Conflict can be paralyzing.

  8. You need to make a decision about how you’re going to deal with it.

  9. In our generation, we are very easily offended. We air offense online, text messaging, other church communities. Running from the offense doesn’t mean there’s not a spirit of it in our communities.

  10. There are no perfect communities, families, marriages.

  11. We have to learn how to deal with conflict. God wants to give you tools and strategies for how to deal with it. 

  12. If you don’t know how to do relationships well, no one is going to follow you.

  13. Conflict is not a defeat, it’s a reaction of two people showing up and having an expression of Christ that can be confusing.

B. Jesus knew we would face conflict. He gave his disciples wisdom on this before He left the earth. He gave them “rules of engagement” that still translate today.

  1. Matt 10:12- - he anoints them and prophesies over them. When God speaks over your life you begin to structure your life in faith to match up to that word.

  2. God

  3.  will give you opportunities to grow your character before he gives you the gifts so that you won’t take glory but give glory.

  4. The Jews shook off the dust from their travels before they entered the Promised Land. The Dust is the distraction. Don’t let it take you out. Move on. If you don’t take the dust out of your life, then you’ll take it with you.

  5. How do you know if you or someone else has dust in their life? They’ll tell you. It doesn’t take long to perceive it. From the heart, everything else flows. That dust is affecting everyone else. 

  6. We are supposed to be bringers of peace, not stirring up dissension. God will fight our battles for us.

  7. What dust has settled onto the destiny that has stopped you from becoming the man or woman you are called to be?

  8. If you haven’t experienced dust then you are not going from city to city.

  9. Dust doesn’t mean you did something wrong, it means you’re doing life. Take it as an opportunity to let Christ work in you. Let that be the glory of God revealed in your own life.

  10. It doesn’t hurt if you don’t love them. You have an emotional experience and feel pain only because you love.

  11. “It is impossible that no offenses should come. But woe to him through whom they come.” - Jesus. It’s one thing to experience dust, it’s another to stir up strife. Bring peace, don’t create a death storm.

C. Havilah shares her own story of offense. 

  1. You get to decide if a man called you or God called you.

  2. Conflicts are entry points for the enemy - cracks in our foundation. When we get offended we allow him in. We have a God who has created the best-case scenario and we need to keep our eyes on Him. But there are conflicts that we haven’t surrendered to God to deal with and it allows the enemy space to get in at us. 

“If the same storyline follows you, you have to find out who the leading character is!” - Havilah Cunnington

“Are you a safe place where people can trust you with their hearts?”- Havilah Cunnington

D. Offense happens but strife is a spirit. And when it gets into communities we need to root it out. 

  1. Havilah has strict rules when it comes to conflict. Unfollow them on Social Media! Tell that person you can’t keep having these conversations. Shake the dust off wherever you can so it stops distracting you. We have to know how we are going to deal with this.

E. Acts 28

  1. Paul shook the snake off and they proclaimed him as a man of God.

  2. The story of how you deal with conflict will be a marker for the Lord in your life.

  3. Be authentic in your expression of Christ in your life. Jesus wants to silence the storm of offense in your life. 

  4. You cannot rewind everything that has happened to you but you can change it for your future. 

  5. Their acceptance of you does not define your worth.

  6. Other’s expectations can be constraints to our lives.

F. What is Dust:

  1. Some people have opportunities that you haven’t

  2. People who didn’t stay when they should have

  3. Money that didn’t come in

  4. Caring for a broken person in your life

  5. Disappointment of others, heartbreak, rejection.

The dust is a distraction to your destiny. There’s too much to be done in the Earth.

Havilah closes in prayer for the students.