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Singing Through the Storm

Melissa Helser

0:34:30 · Songwriting

Melissa shares her testimony of disease, healing and radical encounters with God. She encourages students to write songs that not only worship God and edify the church, but that lift you up out of the pit.

Singing Through the Storm

Melissa Helser

Melissa begins with a bit of her story:

No one is born like they are when you meet them. We over come by our testimony.

Melissa started singing in the middle of an intense season of physical suffering and disease. It was the only thing that didn’t hurt. Melissa has a bone and skin disease and she has to work through the struggles.

Jonathan and Melissa have been married 15 years, and Melissa is a huge champion of their marriage and children. She loves being a mother more than anything and has learned more about leadership and pastoring through parenting.

- Melissa would watch her husband get tremendous relief from singing, and that is a major reason my Melissa started singing.

- Melissa wrote a piece about where she came from and why she began to sing

  1. Stop. Pause. Look back. If you know God’s nature you won’t question his motives.

  2. “I want to write songs from my triumph and my sorrow with all of it rooted in your nature”

Melissa reads something she wrote to the Lord:

“I have learned in hindsight of my seasons that my savior was with me every step. I can see the reflection of his presence in every moment of every season. The only thing I regret is that I did not have the eyes to see him then. I would have loved to stop my striving, sit down, and ask him a few questions. Or maybe just sit and not ask him anything at all. If I would have really understood then what I understand now, I would have trusted a lot more. I didn’t fully know that he was so kind. He is generous and faithful. I have grown in my understanding of his nature. I know now that to truly know him is everything. To know his nature protects me from questioning his motives. When I look back now I see the tremendous gift of the wilderness, even though it felt like a barren wasteland. The silence taught me something deep and profound and in that stillness I chose him even though it did not make sense. He must have known there was a fighter deep in my soul. He must have known I would not give up.”

I learned to fight with the sound of my voice because I could not fight with anything else.

- Singing has taught me to believe in the supernatural

“When I sing, my faith rises up out of me. My song lifted me up out of the pit. The gift is for you but also for me. The presence of the Lord is my North Star.”

Melissa outlines a song that was sung today during worship:
- Melissa was so overwhelmed by the fact that God always shows up
- How do I say thank you? You are so consistent.
- Jonathan realizes that the song that Melissa wrote was actually the Lord singing over her. “You don’t have to come, but you always do.”

Maturity is being able to see the golden thread of his presence throughout every season

Melissa was radically healed from her bone disease.
- Melissa took a trip to the Brownsville revival. Months before she was diagnosed, she was having trouble in the atmosphere. The Holy Spirit asked, “Are you going to yield?” Melissa opened her hands and said if this is real I receive it. She saw golden dust coming down and the Holy Spirit heavily overwhelmed her. The Pastor of the even locked eyes with her and came towards her and she was laid out in the Spirit and she was completely overwhelmed for three hours.
- This was Melissa’s moment of being marked and being healed.
- Months later she is diagnosed with a bone disease at 17 and is told she only have a few months to live and she is overwhelmed by frustration and bitterness.
- She is in another revival and the pastor asks for people who are bitter to stand. She stands and she is completely overwhelmed again and she has a deep experience where she has a real face to face encounter with the Lord
- She is radically healed and meets her husband
- A few years into marriage her disease comes back
- She struggles with the idea that she has done something to have the disease come back again
- She comes to a point where she realizes there is something clearly wrong that she cannot fix
- She realizes that every part of her life is producing fruit and she knew that there was nothing she could do to fix her situation.

His nature is full of kindness and mercy.

- It became more about loving the process then getting healed.

  • - God gave Melissa a fantastic Christian physician that gave her a fantastic medicine that has given her so much life. God met her in a different way that she didn’t expect but she is able to see the thread of God meeting her through everything.

During her experience recording We Will Not Be Slaves Melissa and Jonathan were having a hard time feeling the moment, God spoke and said, “Do you think I would let you sing something you didn’t really believe?” This was a moment where she really grabbed hold of the bridge section in the recording and this was a culmination of her story and the process of letting go of fear, bitterness, and anger.

Don’t be afraid of your season.

- Melissa talks about her song Explode my Soul and shares that this song was birthed in the difficult season she just outlined.

The greatest compliment Melissa has ever received was from Jenn. She said, “Melissa when I heard your song ‘Explode my Soul’ I felt the pain of your season but I didn’t feel any hopelessness.” He’s a good Father…

- Melissa closes with one last story. She has a moment when she is looking into the woods and she sees the bareness of winter. God speaks, “Aren’t you amazed at the clarity winter brings?”

If you know his nature you will not question his motives.

Sing songs that will pull you from your pit.