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Song Stories with Brian

Brian Johnson

0:19:24 · Songwriting

Brian shares the backstory of songs such as One Thing Remains, To Our God, Jesus You've Won Me and others.

Song Stories - Brian Johnson

One Thing Remains
  • #1 song on Christian radio
  • We write these songs in worship
  • I got stuck on the chorus for years.
  • We work a little too hard on songs sometimes, but I could not finish this song.
  • Jeremy approached me and said he had written a verse for it
  • 6 months later Christa Black came to me and said I should go into the chords for “The Stand.” So we did, and it worked really well. And we started writing for that chord progression.
  • Jeremy brought his verse back to the table, and it fit perfectly. -It went from work work work, to nothing, then within 15 minutes it was done.
To Our God
  • We were doing a conference at a little church in England.
  • I was not happy, but I remember making a decision to make some space for the Lord to move.
  • I started singing the chorus.
  • The congregation just took ahold of it and started too sing it over and over again, and I knew that the Lord was on it.
  • Lead it live and see where it goes.
  • I started playing it in service and just started to sing, “Make His praise glorious…” and that was the bridge.
Where You Go I Go
  • My brother was doing a 48 hop on the beach, and I went to leas worship
  • It was spontaneous thing that just happened in that moment.
  • Try to create a spontaneous, creative environment wherever you are.
  • You’re always looking for the little puzzle pieces that connect everything and make a song complete.
New Song–Strong in Us
  • It was originally “Our God is strong enough,” and I ended up singing “Our God is strong in us.” It was a total accident. I didn’t mean to sing those words, but it worked because “Christ in us..”
  • We wanted to build confidence
Jesus, You’ve Won Me
  • The eternal process..it had 15 revisions.
  • I had the melody to this song for years, and Jeremy came along and began to help.
  • The chorus and bridge took forever
  • One saturday morning, I woke up and I got the final lyric for the song. I grabbed my guitar and sang it for Jenn and it made total sense.