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Song Stories with Jenn

Jenn Johnson

0:24:41 · Songwriting

Jenn shares her journey and process in writing God I Look to You, Come to Me and For the Cross.

Song Stories - Jenn Johnson

God I look to You
  • I am a mom to three amazing children that require much. Some days are rough. I used to sit in the car and sing “God I look to You, I am overwhelmed” and the Lord told me “If you keep saying it, you will be.” So I changed it to “I won’t be overwhelmed.”
  • One day before soundcheck, I was messing around with a keyboard, and “I will love you Lord my strength…” came out.
  • It was really prophetic, cuz it was not how I was feeling at the time.
Come to Me
  • The word “steadfast” stood out from “Hope’s Anthem”. He is steadfast, and that steadfastness is available to us.
  • When preparing for the “Loft Sessions”, I laid down on the floor and asked the Lord what He wanted the whole world to know. What could I write that would show the world who He is, His kindness, His love, His strength.
  • I thought about all the natural disasters that were happening at the time, and I felt like the Lord was saying “I am before you, behind you, beside you”.
  • I grabbed a pen, and felt the Lord say, “I am The Lord your God.” so I wrote what I heard.
  • I struggled with actually singing those words, but felt like He wanted me to.
  • What is your song’s destiny? It is your responsibility as the song writer to find out. Ask the Lord where He wants the song to go.
  • I won’t really know how to articulate a song, but I knows what I want it to say.
  • I just want to know His heart and communicate that to the world.
  • There are songs that the Lord wants the world to know. For example, “How He Loves” is a song that world needed to hear. And it lit on fire.
  • I wrote the song for the world, but it ended up being very instrumental in my life for getting me through a hard time.
New Song- For the Cross
  • Ian McIntosh has played for us for years, and we’ve found a fun way to write together.
  • I like to get help where I’m not the most strong. Ian will sound me a track of some instrumental, like a blank canvas.
  • I’ll just start singing to them whatever I’m feeling.
  • My strength is building on something someone else has built.
  • When thinking about the cross, I look at it from the prospective of a parent. I cannot fathom the emotion of God as He watched His only Son beaten and killed.
  • I wanted to tell the story of God the Father and what He had to go through.
  • My heart writing behind it, the story behind it, is the Father’s process through it all.