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Song Stories with Martin

Martin Smith

0:22:56 · Songwriting

Martin talks about the process of writing "Did You Feel the Mountains Tremble", "Song of Solomon", "Obsession" and "God's Great Dance Floor".

Song Stories - Martin Smith

Did You Feel the Mountains Tremble
  • Written in 1994. The title line came from a prophecy that said “When you start singing the mountains are going to tremble”
  • It is full of prophecy that hasn’t quite come true yet. “When the streams flow as one river.” This hasn’t come true yet.
Song of Solomon
  • It is in some ways a lament. It is one of the most personal songs I’ve ever written.
  • It’s not all shiny, it represents a dark winter in my life. And it’s ok to talk about. Life is not always fine.
  • Psalms are kind of dark. ei: God why have you left me? yet the Psalms have a way to say this without it being the end.
  • Read Song of Solomon 2 over and over again. “Lover” really stood out to me. - I struggled with actually putting into song, felt like I needed to “man up”. But that was just where I was at the time.
  • After traveling for so long, I felt disconnected from my wife, Anna. And breaking up Delirious seemed a small sacrifice in order to reconnect with her.
  • I felt the Lord say, “That thing you want with your wife, do you think we could have that too?”
Do you feel that sometimes what you write is too personal?

*Not everything you write needs to be on the screen.

  • Written in 1995–96.
  • I was in the hospital because of car crash. I had fallen asleep at the wheel and was lucky to have survived.
  • The song just came to me in the hospital.
  • Obsession is a very personal song. When people sing “my heart burns for you” they don’t know exactly what it means, but they get part of it.
God’s Great Dance Floor
  • People often ask what it means, but you don’t always have to know what something means. People often try to tell me what it means, but I feel it is a journey where I learn more as I go on in life.
  • It’s not about the stage, it’s about the floor. Everyone is invited. It’s messy, there are people from all walks of life.
  • We’re going to learn to dance with each other, whether it be the homeless man off the street, or the lady next door, the dance floor is for everyone.
  • It’s also about learning to dance with God. You’re better when you’re dancing with Him.
  • When your spirit talks about things your flesh doesn’t really like, that is a great thing. You’re prophesying to yourself.