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Song Stories with Steffany

Steffany Gretzinger

0:22:22 · Songwriting

Steffany shares the stories and inspiration behind You Know Me, Bless the Lord and Letting Go.

Song Stories - Steffany Gretzinger

You Know Me
  • When we were recording Be Lifted High, it went into this massive musical holy moment, and William went into these Woah oh ohs, and it just stayed with me.
  • The week before we started recording, I had just gotten back into town from home because one of my best friends had passed away.
  • I got to sing at his funeral. And you never think that something like that is going to happen, but it was beautiful and God just filled the house.
  • I had not slept in a week, and I wasn’t angry at God, but I was not ready to sing about healing the sick.
  • I felt like God asked me “Who do you think I am” and I made that decision that He still heals the sick, even though He didn’t heal my friend the way I wanted Him to.
  • I got up and did the songs, but those woahs stuck with me, and that was all I could sing in my alone time with Him.
  • It was in that time that the whole song came out.
  • It was word to me, I didn’t plan for anyone to hear it, it was just for me.
  • I played it for Amanda, and she told me that I had to show it to Brian, Jenn, and Jeremy. So I decided to be brave and did.
Bless The Lord
  • I feel called to lead the people of God to the highest place from the deepest place.
  • It is a totally different song that I wrote. But it felt totally right. It was another prophecy to myself moment.
Letting Go
  • It’s another process song.
  • This song happened after they flew me in to write for the album.
  • They left me in the studio for a couple hours in order to write a song.
  • I didn’t want it to be forced. It felt like too much pressure
  • I realized that this was a fear I had, it wasn’t that I felt pressured, or this isn’t fair, it was that I was afraid that I would have nothing to write.
  • I felt such a pressure to be “excellent”.
  • I started playing, and it wasn’t pretty, but that was ok because that’s how it is with just me and God, just not with anyone else.
  • I started getting mad, and the Lord told me that “You’ve been using all your energy on your fear, but with one strategic swing you could have sliced off the giant’s head.”
  • The bridge came out first
  • I cut that giant’s head off and I dragged it prophetically around the studio with me. Because that giant of fear had been defeated in my life.