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Reuben Morgan

00:30:26 · Songwriting

“We only write by the grace of God.  Anything good that we write comes from Him; He’s our muse, our inspiration, our mentor and our only genuine author.  Songs are grace echoed; reflected light.  We can only give what we’ve been given.” - Reuben.


Reuben Morgan


  • They carry people through their high and low moments of life.  Songs that help us experience the presence of God; build faith and hope; theology of the church and transforms lives.



  • As a writer, never underestimate the power of habit.  “Chains of habit are too light to be felt until they are too heavy to be broken.” - Warren Buffet.

  • Habits are like machines on automatic.  Bad ones work that way and good ones work that way.  

  • Put the good things on automatic and watch the fruit.  

  • What do you need to get better at?  Melody or lyric?  PIck a thing that you can work on and research and learn; read books; youtube; and get better at it.


    • Regularly.  Consistency: write at the same time every day.  

    • “Write while the heat is on you.  The writer who postpones the recording of his thoughts uses an iron which has cooled to burn a hole with.  He cannot inflame the minds of his audience.” - Henry David Thoreau.  

    • Talks about his seasons and how they changed.  

    • Get organized with your time when you have a family.  

    • Turn up and write (when you decide a time to write).  

    • SET A TIME WITH A PERSON IF YOU CO WRITE.  Be great at flowing with the seasons.  

    • How much do you want it?  If you really want it, you can.



  • Find your people.  Learn how to be a good co-writer.  

  • Find out what kind of song you want to write.  

  • Sing songs that help the atmosphere.  

  • Find songs that will work in different settings.  

  • When you’re writing with someone, bring things: titles, verses, choruses, bridges; something that you love; bring a vibe.  

  • It’s good to be a bringer.  

  • Agree on the goal; not every good idea suits the goal.  

  • Bring the fun; be good to work with.  Be confidence to people.  

  • Be generous; celebrate somebody else’s idea on the song.  Be open handed with your lyrics.  Don’t be a critical voice in a co-writing session.  If you don’t like it, just go silent.  

  • Creativity is meant to be fun and no one is creative if they aren’t confident.  

  • Every idea is a good idea.  Work harder than your collaborators.  

  • Don’t be precious about how much you want to get a cut of.  What are you after?

BE A FINISHER: Finish the song; what will set you apart is that you are willing to finish that 10%.  (Sometimes 90% of a song will take a few minutes, but the 10% can take months).


  • Psalm 22:25 - God gives you ideas for songs (by what you praise).

  • God can inspire you with wisdom and ideas to bring a song for the right season.  

  • There’s something so spiritual in the details of your writing; He will inspire the details; the little moments; even when you don’t feel like God is close.  

Why write? What makes you relevant is if you can inspire change in people’s lives.  Let’s aim to change people’s lives with the Gospel; that’s what gives you strength.  

Believe that God will give you a heart for the people you’re ministering to.  Believe God to give you a burden for people; ultimately we’re serving people and helping them to worship.