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Songwriting Inspiration

Dan McCollam

0:29:53 · Songwriting

Dan shares seven sources of songwriting inspiration out of the Bible.

Songwriting Inspiration - Dano McCollam

7 sources of inspiration for songwriting

  1. Scripture- When it comes to “word” songs, use the Word and take pieces of your prophetic words. Colossians 3:16. Get the word inside you
  2. Writing prayer songs- If you had one moment to ask the Lord anything, what would that be? Our words are powerful, an explosive synergy occurs when you sing your prayers
  3. Songs of invocation- it is an invitation to a particular response and the revelation that inspires that response. It is the unfolding of greatness that invokes that response inside us. It is more than emotional hype. Worship at the level of your revelation.
  4. Songs based around great themes- go through theological books and look at what great theologians have considered the greatest parts of our belief. What is in our theology that isn’t in our doxology?
  5. Songs of declaration- Prophecy isn’t just about delivering the word, it is about judging those words and building a strategy around it. Do something with it. In every prophetic word, there are conditions. There are statements of God’s intention and statements of your intention. Songs of declaration are your intention.
  6. Writing for other people’s voices- Vicarious voices/being able to write in someone else’s voice. Songwriting is more than self expression, it is communicating an encounter to someone else. Find what is true within others voices. Your market is related to your sphere of influence. Find who you are writing to: Geographic (place), Demographic (people group), Sociographic (interest group). Your gifts are powerful and will work anywhere, but they work best somewhere. The style you are drawn to can be an indicator for what demographic is your sphere of influence.
  7. Heaven’s download- God will take you to the language that best expresses in that moment what God is doing or saying. The spiritual song is really powerful. A lot of times when your psalm-ing to the Lord, melodies and songs will arise. Pray and sing in the spirit like it’s a language, because it is a language. Let these songs become songs that you craft