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Songwriting Master Class

Jeremy Riddle

00:27:55 · Songwriting

"When you travel the world and see the same song do the same thing, you start to understand the power of the song." Watch this lesson as Jeremy give you insight on how he approaches songwriting

Finding Your Voice As A Songwriter

Jeremy Riddle

When you travel the world and see the same song do the same thing, you start to understand the power of the song.


  • Keep your songwriting antenna up at all times.  It happens at anytime.  Use voice memos on your phone.  Be a respecter of that initial inspiration.


  • Often times, inspiration comes in waves; seasons of capture and seasons of revisit.  Go through all your voice memos.  I title them if I believe in them.  If they capture me a second time, I keep it.


  • Take the parts you have and build a song.  Put the puzzle together.  Establish what you’re trying to say; what is the song trying to say?  Try out different lyrical ideas.  Pay attention to your spirit.  


  • Make a demo: it helps show where the song has weakness.  Create the vibe: is it an acoustic or heavy vibe?  

What’s your message?  What’s your sound?  Those are the questions.  Write the songs that are going to change the world.  Everybody has a message.  Write a song out of something you’ve actually experienced; a testimony.

Talks about Steffany + Amanda: 

  • They have messages.  Sometimes we’re singing the song that we need over ourselves.

  1. STAY TRUE TO YOUR SONG AND MESSAGE: Write a song that is true to yourself.  Learn to be honest; write from your heart.  Write what you actually want to say; don’t script yourself.

  2. DISCOVER WHAT YOUR ACTUAL PASSIONS ARE: What makes your heart burn?  What moments do you live for?  Pay attention to those things because they are what are going to define you.  

  3. PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR BATTLES: what are the things that are trying to take you out?  Write towards that.  Make those your weapons.  

  4. MAKE IT PERSONAL:  Pen your journey.

  5. WHAT FEEDS YOU WILL FEED THEM: You don’t know what you’re sowing into today.  Sew into your creativity today.  Constantly create.