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Songwriting Tips, Tricks & Tools

Ray Hughes

0:36:48 · Songwriting

Ray talks about the power of song and how to capture inspiration to change society.

Songwriting Tips, Tricks, & Tools - Ray Hughes

Real music occurs when your noisy mind yields to the silent beauty in your heart.
  • Music occurs in a moment, a song is sung in the heart and the one that hears that song is touched by the note and the song then is born out of the responses to what you heard and a reasoning in such a way that you can now but it together.
  • Words can forge or fracture the heart
Truth and beauty that comes through the song are always dressed in simplicity and wonder
  • Every time that creativity occurs God reveals another facit of His nature
  • His nature is absolutly beautiful
Beauty is silence lovingly broken
Master the rules so that you will be able to break them effectivly
  • Write a song when your well goes dry about the well going dry
  • We always look for a finished song
  • Thats why the frustration is always wrapped around an unfinished song
  • Creativity is a process, they well never be “finished”
Tools of the trade
  • A Bible- It is full of the truths of God
  • A Bible Concordance- They are full of concepts and ideas and it helps you make sure you are writing thelogically correct lyrics
  • A Dictionary- When you begin singing songs to Jesus you begin to crave knowledge. Expand your vocabulary so you can convay the truth the Lord reveals to you. Read 25–75 words a day
  • A Rhyming Dictionary
  • A Thesarous
  • A Pocket Notebook- Don’t convince yourself that you will remember that line.
  • A Voice Recorder- Always something that will capture melodies
  • Use pens and notebooks that are nice, something that shows value to you
  • Build and maintain an idea file. Keep all your lines and ideas that way you have a box of creativity that you can pull from.
  • Understand your best writing environment and time. Create an environment for when you write.
  • Have access to an instraments
  • Songwriters App- Songwriters ipad.
Inspirational Sources
  • The Word of God
  • Poets & Novelists
  • Listen to sermons and your pastors. He gives hours of his life every week to the sermon
  • Prophetic words
  • Personal times of worship
  • Life Experiences
  • People- look for the stories, be a story teller, pictures of people
  • Pay attention to what touches you personally- that overly sensitive nature that you have God has given you