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Songwriting with the Holy Spirit

Jonathan David Helser

00:33:22 · Songwriting

If you want to write songs, ask for them. Start asking the Father for them.

Jonathan Helser

Songwriting with the Holy Spirit

  1. If you want to write songs, ask for them. Start asking the Father for them.

  2. Faith is believing that God wants to heal even more than we want Him to heal.

  3. Have huge dreams but also have open hands before the father. 

  4. He first gave us music so that we could enjoy it and Him.

  5. Don’t despise the day of small beginnings. Sometimes songwriting just starts out so, so, so simple. 

  6. David and driving demons from kings - Jonathan prayed for the same anointing 18 years ago. He is now watching the Lord work through No Longer Slaves.

  7. Ask him for songs but enjoy the process.

  8. Pour out your heart and find the spark.

  9. The mind turns off and the heart really starts believing.

  10. Jonathan likens songwriting to having children.

  11. Build on the spark until it’s a song that you’re proud of.

B. The first song that he ever wrote he was 19 and living in England with YWAM.

  1. During class, he felt the presence while the teacher was teaching.

  2. “Can you taste the power of the age to come”

  3. Great songwriters are those who have eliminated some really bad ideas. Don’t be afraid to experiment.

  4. Jonathan’s dad had been praying and waiting to hear J’s song his whole life. And God even more so.

  5. The adventure of writing with the Holy Spirit - you don’t always understand it. Jonathan was writing from his “gut”.

C. Listen to teachings. 

  1. Jonathan gets a lot of ideas from listening to teachings. “We are all thieves, guys.”

  2. Everything we do creatively is inspired by God. It all goes back to the Garden of Eden.

  3. Creativity inspires creativity - explore other forms of creativity. 

  4. Creation is a love note from God to us.

  5. John Wesley’s brother, Charles, wrote 7000 hymns - he was putting his brother’s theology into songs.

  6. A true spiritual father can see the king inside of the shepherd boy.

  7. A great song gives you permission to say something to the one you’ve always wanted to say, but you didn’t know you were allowed to say. John Mark McMillan and “sloppy wet kiss”. King David did the same for his generation.

D. What kinds of songs do you dream about writing?

  1. Frustration is unreleased passion

  2. In the tension let God woo you deeper

  3. Take the tension out and you won’t have music - a guitar without tension makes no music

  4. Co-write. We are “Beautifully ungifted” - that’s why we need each other

  5. Co-writing enables a song to go further than it ever could with just one person.

  6. Family is an incredible thing. Embrace it.

  7. Sometimes as a songwriter, you can be so close to the canvas you can’t see the masterpiece.

  8. Get to the place where the mind stops thinking and the heart starts feeling.

E. Jonathan shares some of the writing process of No Longer Slaves

  1. Have fun - joy is the fuel for creativity.

  2. You don’t work your instrument - you play it.

  3. Songwriting is a lot of work, but it starts with love.

  4. Try singing the book of psalms

  5. God’s voice is pure creative power - try singing his words

  6. Stop being so critical and judging other people who have gone before you. Judgement is a boomerang

  7. Pray for your friends to get better songs than you could ever imagine - get your eyes off yourself. 

  8. Learn other people’s songs - other genres, it will give you new language.

  9. Stay a student, keep learning.

  10. Homegroups are a great place to test out songs. See if it can lead worship before you lead it from a stage

  11. Jonathan usually tries a song on a congregation about 3 times and if it doesn’t he work puts it down.