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Stewarding the Song

Leeland Mooring

00:35:00 · Songwriting

In this lesson Leeland gives a ton of insight through his experience growing up as a songwriter.  

Stewarding The Song

Leeland Mooring

“Wisdom and knowledge are sometimes knowing what not to do.”

Co Writing

  • Co Writing is so important. Get into a room with different people. 
  • They see the song from a different lane or see songs with a different eye. 
  • Be sure not to put too many people in a room writing, it will wear you out!


  • Be encouraged! 
  • If you are in the middle of a crisis where you don’t know who you are, this can crush your creativity. 
  • God didn't give you a gift to have you lose yourself in it. He calls you son not songwriter or musician. 
  • When you know you are a child of God, you actually get more creative. 
  • You won’t enjoy the gifts if you neglect the giver. During seasons of writer’s block, you won’t fall apart. 
  • Failure and success can destroy you when your identity is found in your gift. 
  • Rejection and acceptance become like waves, tossing you to and fro. When your identify is uprooted from the gift and placed in the giver, then your gift will flourish as you create from a place of acceptance. 
  • Your gift is your unique response to God. 
  • In your gift, as you behold the face of Jesus, you will naturally become more creative. It is your unique response to God. 
  • This isn’t limited to music. It can be teaching, decorating etc.
  • When you are secure in your gift and identity you will flourish. There is still hard work involved.


  • Leeland got signed to a publishing company at 15
  • His church started in his living room.
  • He officially started in a family band at 11. They drove all over the country in a Lincoln town car. 
  • Leeland’s band started out of his youth group and got signed. Amazing connections and favor. 
  • Began songwriting sessions at age 16 with extremely experienced writers 
  • Leeland took notes on how they approached writing and how they brought songs about
  • Co writing allows you to take notes and learn


  • Talk out lyrics. 
  • Get on a different instruments. This can help you plug into a song. It can break the loops you may have on your first instrument
  • Learn the Nashville number system. This is huge.
  • A good activity to do is put all the numbers (from the number system) into a cup and draw three and write a song using only those chords.
  • “Songs are like seeds. Your only job is to water and plant. God will make them grow.”
  • Not every song is meant for now. Sometimes God gives you a small piece for you to chase after. 
  • Once you find all the pieces, you can sing it with so much more power and authority
  • Find your own rhyme in songwriting. 
  • Don’t copy other people, find yourself. Take notes from people. 
  • Journaling helps a lot

Song Histories

"Where You Are"

  • Leeland went to LA to write with his sister. 
  • His sister's friend bought a house and Leeland found out it was owned by an adult film company 
  • He felt something weird spiritually on the house, so he grabbed his guitar and started to worship and sang from his heart 
  • He began to sing the word of God 
  • God dropped the entire song into his heart.

"For Your Glory"

  • This song came during a moment of worship 
  • One of his mentors had a plaque that read: “We have only one life and it soon with pass, whatever we do for Jesus will last.” 
  • This was the inspiration for the song

"Lion and the Lamb"

  • This song was written at a small church in a pretty desolate, poverty stricken town 
  • Even with this atmosphere, the congregation was on fire for the Lord during services 
  • God’s presence was so thick and out of a beautiful spontaneous moment, the song was birthed 
  • Leeland was given the entire chorus at that moment 
  • Leeland had that chorus 2 and a half years. He pitched the chorus to a lot of songwriters but, none of them felt it. “Don’t get offended if that happens, they aren’t your babies.” 
  • The song was almost a three year journey

"Son was Lifted Up"

  • Leeland had the chorus and worked on it a lot but it just didn’t seem to work 
  • Six years later he completed the song. 
  • I’m glad that the song came now and not six years ago, 
  • I am in such a different place with the Lord. The song carries so much more no

Journaling practice

  • In page: What God is saying to you
  • Out Page: How you communicate it to someone
  • Find people that have things about their rhythm that works with you
  • The gift of music is a gift for the secret place 
  • You’re a carrier of the glory of God (son and daughter) who has this gift. 
  • Stand before the Lord and minister to him with it. 
  • As you worship in that place, the overflow blesses people.
  • Sometimes you have to slay the bears and lions in the secret place before you slay Goliath, like David. 
  • Your gift is for the Lord in the secret place, not for a platform.