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Stewardship & Faithfulness

Brian Johnson

0:33:04 · Lifestyle

Our goal in life should be “well done my good and faithful servant.”

  • Stewardship is key.
  • Stewardship is our umilate calling. 
  • Stewardship is managing God’s blessings in God’s way for God’s glory.
  • Story: Brian songwriting “You Have Won Me”

Make it your goal to do the impossible. Dream big.

  • “You have one life, impress God with your faith.”
  • You were made to do the impossible.
  • Story: Abe Lincoln (power of persistence)
  • God is looking for people who will get back up.
  • Story: Brian shares about some depression he was experiencing the week prior.
  • When we talk one step, God takes twenty towards us.

The Word renews our mind.

  • Scripture on stewardship.
  • Luke 12:42 
  • Col. 3:22
  • Matthew 25:14-30