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Team Dynamics

Eric Johnson

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Great teams don't just happen, they are built. Eric teaches how to grow as a leader.

Team Dynamics - Eric Johnson

Great teams don’t just happen, they are built.

We have to be intentional about building good teams.

Two ways of learning leadership:
  • Experience.
  • Teaching.

Learning how to lead can be a growing season in your life.

Don’t stop growing as a leader.
  • Eighty percent of people stop growing as a person/leader in their thirty’s.
  • Be intentional in meeting with people and doing your homework to grow.
  • Seek to learn until the day you die.
  • Don’t stop asking questions.
Follow Jesus’ example as a leader. (Luke 9:1–17)
  • Read the gospel through the lens of Jesus as a leader.
  • When Jesus left, His kingdom grew exponentially.
  • The environment grew and exploded without Jesus being there.
  • He gives the disciples power and authority and sends them out. (Vs.1)
  • Jesus was going to retreat with his disciples when the crowds heard where they were and it was turned from a retreat to a conference. (Vs.10–17)
  • The disciples compared and argued, but Jesus didn’t take them out of leadership as most would today in the church culture. (Vs. 46)
  • “You want to be the greatest, I will show you how.”
  • The desire people have to be amazing is good; you just have to point them in the right direction as Jesus did.
As a leader you have to give people the permission to be great.
  • Jesus gives the disciples a key to being great–act as a child.
  • Jesus redirects their pride and arrogance, and elitism. (Vs.49)
  • Further character issues surface in the disciples when a village rejects Jesus and they want to kill the village! Jesus redirects them again! (Vs. 51)
  • Next He gathers 70 more people and starts the same process again.
What are you trying to accomplish or do?
  • If you don’t have clear vision, people can’t follow.
You have to love people.
  • You can’t lead without loving people.