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The Artist Within You

Ray Hughes

00:46:02 · Lifestyle

Creativity is a God-given ability to access God’s solutions for the moment.

Ray Hughes

The artist Within You

  1. The artists are the ones that can live in the moment

    1. Value the moment enough to capture it and create worship.

    2. “Unity isn’t sinking everyone to the lowest common denominator of creativity.”

    3. “The reason people have encounters with God is to BECOME encounters.”

    4. “Because creativity is a part of His nature God will always find a way to resurrect a new generation that is carrying an expression of him that others didn’t experience.”

  1. Fact vs. imagination

    1. In our generation, art and creativity is celebrated.

    2. Facts don’t change your life. Facts inform. 

    3. TRUTH is transformative

    4. The Jesus we worship was not into facts. The Pharisees were. 

      1. He spoke in stories. 

    5. Jesus used creativity to draw people into the truth. 

  1. Creativity can be defined in many ways but should never be diminished to just one form or definition. 

    1. God is looking for the dreamers.

    2. Creativity is ever calling us to erase our preset boundaries.

    3. Creativity is a God-given ability to access God’s solutions for the moment.

      1. Be it a painting, a prayer, a prophecy, a dance, a song.

    4. “Every time creativity occurs God reveals another part of his nature.”

  1. Key to artistry

    1. “artistry is choosing to live a life of awareness.”

    2. Awareness is a key that opens your sacred intuition

      1. Sacred intuition is the place where your song comes from. 

    3. “In David’s day, it was songs born out of the encounter and sometimes encounter born out of songs.”

      1. Songwriters - you are not writing the next chorus, you’re writing the next generations breakthrough.

  2. When we get honest with God, He will awaken a language for divine truth. 

Dreams don’t have to come true, sometimes dreams are there to see us through the dark seasons.