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The Backstory of a Song

Amanda Lindsey Cook

0:33:33 · Songwriting

Amanda talks about how to steward the songs of your life and gives hope to pick up the pen and start writing.

The Backstory of a Movement - Amanda Cook

There is a work that has already been deposited in you, and you need to learn to steward it
  • Some of you are meant to write a movement of the heart of God
  • You never take your worship “hat” off, it is a part of you.

If you’re looking for a go to song to inspire you into spontaneous worship, “Here I am to Worship” is a good song.

Some of you are facing the fear of writing your song, and you’re trying to fit it into what has already been done.
  • You cannot take up someone else’s song history
  • You have your own that is laying by the side forgotten
You need to steward the song the Lord placed inside you
  • Some of you are carrying something in your back pocket that you don’t feel is important, but you have far more to release than you know
  • There are songs that need to be written by you because no one else will be able to write them or release them in a room the way that you do
  • We need to stop caring about our songs being trendy, we need to give ourselves to writing songs that bring freedom and bring an encounter with the Lord
  • Music is the vehicle that bursts through all the doors and walls and meets people where they are at
Song writing is not just your ability to process, it’s not your thing that you do, it is something you have to do
  • If the song of hope is in you, it needs to come out
As a songwriter, you have access to the very vehicle that will call people into hope
  • Nobody speaks the way you do
  • You carry within you songs that represent your house of nobility
  • Your whole life has been a song in the making

You cannot fit your life message into a box.

What you feel, what you hear, it is good enough
  • You cannot fail
  • There is an entire movement waiting to come out of you
You have to pick up your pen and start writing
  • If it comes out clunky and awkward, it’s ok
  • If it is authentic and it leads to hope, then it’s perfect

The reality is that you will be a part of delivering people into the greatest freedom they’ve ever experienced. Is that not reason enough?