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Heart of Worship
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The Cause & Effect of Worship

Bill Johnson

0:50:51 · Heart of Worship

While worship is the priority, we only have this time on earth to evangelize. Worship is supposed to initiate the spirit of anointing to evangelize.

If there is no mystery where there is no faith.

  • It’s important for us to realize we will always be learning through eternity.
  • 100 billion years from now we will just be scratching the surface on grace.

God rewards all areas of our life with pruning.

  • He has positioned all of us for growth.
  • What we may perceive as a set back is actually a step forward.

The way the Lord matures us is, He lets us see the primary thing and the fruit of our obedience. 

  • Seek first the kingdom. That’s the focus. Then all the things will be added.
  • The moment I turn my attention away from seeking the kingdom is the moment my influence becomes historic instead of current.
  • Ps. 68:1-3 "May God arise, may his enemies be scattered may his foes flee before him.May you blow them away like smoke-as wax melts before the fire,may the wicked perish before God  But may the righteous be glad and rejoice before God; may they be happy and joyful."
  • Ps. 149:5-9
  • Is 42:10-14 - "Worship was not meant to be a tool to defeat the darkness it was a tool to endear him (fix quote)
  • Worship is worth to God.
  • It’s easy to orchestrate thing to happen in worship instead of remaining childlike.
  • “Make sure the number one thing stays the number one thing.”

Maturity is often measured by what is our focus.

  • Maturity is the ability to anchor yourself (refer to voice note to finish 10:30)
  • Story: Elijah & Elisha
  • We love the supernatural lifestyle, but in that are many distractions.
  • Story: You are at the best party ever. And it’s possible that you never engage with the actual host Himself. That is just like what can happen in a worship set. ??
  • When we sense the presence, it really means that his “face” is near.

As we see Him, we become like Him.

  • 17:30 quote Something that happens in the glory that you can’t stir up any other way.
  • Quote 18:00 (everyone needing the glory)
  • “The best thing we can do is be the landing place for His presence.”
  • “As He is increases my significance decreases.”
  • Story: Glory of God showing up.

You can’t lead people in public where you haven’t been in private.

  • God will show you things to share with others or to keep to yourself.
  • Study the bible not to write songs. Study it to learn.

Worship is supposed to be used to initiate the spirit of anointing to evangelize.

  • Is. 60:1-3
  • “People become the ultimate leaders in worship when they become servants outside of worship.”
  • Worship in its purest form overflows in evangelism. (flip that later)
  • While worship is the priority, we only have this time to evangelize.

Give Him praise before we have the answer.

  • Is 60:18 and Is 62:10
  • Story: The gates
  • Praise Him when it’s not looking God. 
  • “If I cant trust him in loss then he can’t trust me with gain.”
  • Celebrate the thing before you even have it. (form the gate)

All growth is rewarded with pruning. 

  • “If you are being tested and you know you are being tested, then it’s an easy test.”
  • All kingdom issues are heart issues.
  • Everytime you learn something new. God will prune it.
  • God is looking for someone he can trust His glory