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The Fine Art of Hearing & Seeing

Ray Hughes

1:04:30 · Fundamentals

Every tone and texture within a song creates history. It echoes and speaks into generations we’ll never see or be apart of to see.

God Responds To Our Longing  

  • There’s a wonderful and important art of seeing and hearing that we must to get a hold of as artists. The way that David set prophecies, promises and prayers into motion through his prophetic sensibilities (dreams, visions, feelings) etc was a huge part of his relationship with God. He had a sacred intuition. 
  • We intuitively hear His voice, because in us, He created a voice that was able to be heard. 
  • God speaks to those who listen and who carry a pure heart and longing for Him. 
  • A part of your musical language is lyric for life, longing and love. The longing is a part of your song / An example is of the Hopi indians. Every song is about the same thing - about water. Water is their greatest lack and also the greatest need. So their longing is expressed through music in their song. Why do we think so many songs in America are about love? 
  • No matter how far and wide people are scattered across the world, you notice a similar song of longing. Songs that express the best of our best knowledge and understanding of love. 
  • David knew that there was a song awakening within him that was made to be sung back to God. 
  • Every tone and texture within a song creates history. It echoes and speaks into generations we’ll never see or be apart of to see. 

Approaching Music with Authenticity

  • Don’t be afraid to be authentic and owning your sadness in your song.
  • Church hasn’t been the safest place for people to be sad and fully express their current emotional state. Don’t be afraid of being honest and poetic in your worship to God. 
  • Sadness can carry power, beauty and weight. God is in the sadness. 
  • “I sing my pains so I won’t have to live it.” - Anonymous. This is what David did in his psalms. He would sing honestly with where he’s at, but yet continue to praise God and turn his melancholy to wonder. 
  • “There will always be a starvation of imagination as long as there’s a famine in the heart of man”. 
  • There are always new songs and sounds coming to the heart of man, to be sung unto God. 
  • When you’re carrying the truth of heaven in your songs, it creates a transformative atmosphere around you. 
  • Releasing the sound of heaven and the heart of God very much ties in with seeing and hearing in the prophetic. You can’t have one without the other. 
  • We have mistaken God given wonder for surface songs sung on the radio.  
  • We are a media driven society, that easily draws our theology from manipulative marketing tactics. 
  • You are becoming a new song: you are not impregnated with what’s already been birthed. 

The Importance Of Exploration

  • There’s a lost art of seeing; a dying art like many of the other arts. It’s not the final product that is the point of creativity, it’s God showing another side of His face. The process of art in creativity is to reveal another facet of who He is
  • “If you’re going to choose to see and hear in the spirit, be prepared to see God in ways that have never been revealed on the earth before”. 
  • We don’t go after innovation because of the sensationalism of it, but because the Lord says it’s time. 
  • “May we never lose our fascination in the revelation of who He is.” - continue to be fascinated by Him in your craft, there will always be an overflow when you tie in His nature with human fascination. 
  • “If we’re created to worship, and created to be creative, shouldn’t our worship be creative?” - We’ve somehow created routines and have called it unity with the church, when really it’s hindering imagination. 
  • Oftentimes, we tell our children to adjust there imagination, when imagination is one of the main ways God has chosen to speak to us. 

It’s Not About Persuasive Words

  • Everybody has something to say, but no one wants to listen. The only way we’ll penetrate noise is by coming in with a pure sound discovered with the Lord. We have to step into a noisy minded generation with the tones and notes of heaven. 
  • Romans 1 / “Murderers, thieves, hoarders and debaters” are all in the same sentence. If you win an argument, did you really win? It’s more important to approach hot topics with kindness and love. 
  • Jesus wasn’t afraid to not take part in debates, but instead, responded with wisdom, kindness and the heart of His father. 
  • “Jesus could care less about fake news and facts, because facts inform, but truth transforms.”
  • Jesus was more prominent to awakening mans spirit to the glory and beauty of God, rather than getting caught up in technicalities and debates. 
  • Jesus never preached a sermon, but was a seer and a hearer, constantly releasing what the Father was doing and seeing people for who they’re created to be. 

Creativity vs Comparison

  • “Comparison kills creativity and the prophetic”. 
  • Trying to conform your creativity to another image or idea, will kill it.
  • All bareness is born out of criticism. / If you have a mission without a message, your default will be entertainment. And if you don’t have the ability to entertain, your default will be to criticize, to get some type of emotional release without any actual intellectualism. 
  • Music is a force that God created to bypass the emotional realm and go straight to the spirit. This is why music can affect every level of your being. 
  • “Compromise reads comparison and breeds conformity and criticism.” 
  • Exhilaration and expectation to see God’s glory is enough to have a man dancing for nine miles. You weren't born to dance with a critical spirit, but with all your might and with expectation of God’s goodness.
  • “It’s important to live in the moment, but it’s also our responsibility to value present moments enough to capture what we’re seeing and what we’re hearing and turn it into worship.” 
  • “Creativity can be defined in a lot of ways, but never diminished enough to summarize it into one definition.”
  • “It’s easy to go from meeting to meeting becoming addicted to revelation without application.”
  • Live in your art to the point that you’re lost in it and immersed in it, and then find yourself in Jesus.