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The Importance of Community

Jeremy Riddle

1:06:00 · Community

Jeremy shares wisdom on building a community of worshippers. He addresses accountability, integrity and encouragement in a team and gives insight on how to cast a vision.

The Importance of Community - Jeremy Riddle

Bethel is a local church and a movement.
  • Movement is looking at the nations. The church is looking at Redding.
  • Brian is in charge of the direction and vision for the movement.
  • Brian oversees the movement.
  • Brian and Joel work close together in the movement.
  • Jenn’s role is about leadership development.
  • Jeremy does pastoral and administration.
Pastoring: Caring for people and helping them become better musicians.
  • Pastoring is a fairly messy job.
  • Purity is often an issue for worship leaders.
  • Purity is the elephant in the room. It affects everyone in the room.
  • There are a lot of people struggling with porn.
  • We are wired and called to bring people into intimacy.
  • High level of grace for pastoring people.
  • Don’t ignore this issue and confront these issues.
What do you require from your worship team?
  • Motives are not always pure. Some people want to be in the limelight.
  • Teachable people are the ones you want to look for.
  • Clear set of expectations and standards are important for your worship team.
  • Accountability is very important.
Don’t be afraid of confrontation.
  • Don’t let problems get out of control, this creates a massive mess.
  • Don’t allow problems to go on. Things don’t go away if you don’t confront.
  • Go straight to the problem. Don’t mess around and talk to other people.
Create a culture of encouragement.
  • There is something beautiful and innocent about a culture of encouragement.
  • “Life and death are in the power of the tongue.” Proverbs 18:21
  • Creative people have a huge need for affirmation.
  • Positive and encouraging soil pushing people to the next level of greatness.
If you are going to pastor people, make it your business to get into their lives.
  • “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”
  • If someone has a weird vibe, be vulnerable and get into their lives.
  • Responsibility of a leader and as a pastor is to pray for your people.
  • We are not focused on encouraging and helping people become better musicians as much as we are focused on helping people become healthier people.
  • All the other things take care of themselves when people are healthy.
Look for the influencers to invest more time in.
  • Who are you supposed to be in relationship with? Target who you are suppose to sow into? Who at your worship meetings are people gathered around?
  • Influencers are not always the ones that are compliant.
  • Influencers are often the rebellious type personality.
  • Jesus invested in a small group of people (12 disciples).
Require your people to be plugged into the life of the church community.
  • Try not to create a worship bubble.
  • Be aware of isolated musicians and worship leaders.
People without vision lack motivation.
  • Your job is to cast the vision.
  • Remind your team why you do what you do.
  • If you do not know the vision, study the fathers in the church.
  • Jeremy is always watching and listening to Bill and applying it to the worship community.
Success comes from a value for planning and scheduling teams.
  • Bethel music uses Planning Center.
  • Constantly trying to structure and watch for new things in worship.
  • How well do these people work together?
Set bands up for success.
  • Accurate chord charts and communicating key changes.
  • We are educating our team with the number system.
  • Look for pairing people with chemistry.
Music lessons promote confidence and growth.
  • We are committed to success and to investing in people and their gifts.
  • We encourage our teams to grow and progress in their gifts.
How do you get involved with Bethel worship?
  • Bethel School of Ministry students learn the culture, learn how to lead in this culture (different culture to lead in) and learn how to be powerful.
  • Typically do not pull someone from 1st year ministry to lead worship.
  • Auditions is a new thing for Bethel Church.
  • Auditions can be awkward and it is a difficult environment to succeed.
  • We hold auditions twice a year for those that do not attend BSSM.
What do we look for in our musicians and worship leaders.
  • First and foremost, worshippers.
  • We are looking for worshippers over talented musicians.
  • Musician proficiency is important to recognize.
  • Is this person able to follow off the map, into the unknown.
  • Musical flow is very important.
Feelers are very influenced by their environment.
  • Feelers are very sensitive to what is happening in the room.
  • Communicate with the team and learn how to strengthen each other.
Anointing carries power and authority in worship.
  • Look for anointing over the talent.
  • Is there a call on their life to lead worship?
  • Do you capture the attention of an audience?
  • Do you know how to steward Holy moments?
  • How are you able to take people into deep moments with God?
  • Does this person embody the values and core values of the house?
Vision inspires movement and momentum from people.
  • Character, purity, integrity are very important.
  • People generally do not mind if you raise the bar.

Q & A:

What are some practical ways to show your values as a worship leader?

Do relationships well and create a heart connection. This builds a bridge for sharing. Don’t connect by trying to preach to someone and telling someone what to do. If they know you, they are far more free to share openly. How far out do you schedule when you use Planning Center?

How do you deal with musicians being on time or late?

We schedule a month out. Jeremy’s schedule is booked a year out. We confront people that show up late. If the person is constantly showing up late and being disrespectful, communicate how you feel and what needs to change. There is not formula (three strikes you’re out).

We have a community of churches, trying to create unity in a city. How do you pastor this type of thing?

I never come in saying I am the leader. I always go low. Don’t try to pastor leaders unless they invite you and ask for your input. Ask yourself, how much freedom do I have with speaking into the pastors in the community? Rallying people together in the community is great and it is inspiring if you have that call.

People just show up and lead worship on Sunday. How do you transition into more structure?

If you want to grow, it is important to create a history with people. Schedule time for practice. Bring organization and start introducing structure slowly.

When you talk about pairing people together and your worship team is small. How do you pair people?

Invest, grow and work with what you’ve got until the worship community grows. Have fun!

My husband and I are one of 5 teams leading worship at our church. How do you balance the desire for excellence and grace and rest? There is no practice, no sound person and no worship pastors.

Be prepared to focus on the task at hand, which is going over the songs. Have a clear plan with what you want the worship set to look like. Leave room to go away from the plan. Leave 10 minutes before worship for prayer and connection.