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The Little Seed & The Wind

Ray Hughes

0:33:34 · Fundamentals

This session deals with the ever-present issues of dreams and doubts that haunt the heart of the creative worshipper.  This session is a must for those that are searching for their truest song.

What is storytelling?

  • “A storyteller is a guardian of memories.”
  • Writing and storytelling is another way to process life.
  • As a writer, our job is to marry truth and beauty.
  • Writing is about leaving something that someone might need one day.

Story: His childhood

  • “Solitude and isolation are not the same thing.”
  • “Some storms don’t bring death, some bring new beginnings.”

Story: The Little Seed And The Wind

  • We have been living in a cycle of dream and doubt, but today is a new day. We don’t live in the darkness of yesterday anymore. Now is the time to sing beyond your wildest dreams.