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The New Sound

Dan McCollam

01:00:06 · Songwriting

Our sound and song brings about the Kingdom on earth, shaping creation and the future. Dan explains our voices as unique instruments we've all been given, and provides us with a framework to release our unique sound.

The New Sound - Dan McCollam

What is the new sound?

  • Isaiah 42:9 & Psalm 96 declare, “Sing to the Lord a new song…”
“New” in Hebrew here means new, fresh, to make new, to repair.
  1. New sound can be entirely new.
  2. New sound can also be something repaired, restored, renewed.
  3. New sound is the sonification of what God is doing or saying.

Sometime creative people feel pressure to do something that has never been done before.

Innovation & invention is a really important part of creativity.
  • We must understand that the greatest part of creativity, is variation.

  • The basis of classical music was to have one great idea & create several variations of it.

  • The new song is more about bringing fresh perspective to a timeless truth than singing something that has never been conceived of or heard of before.

  • A new song can be written around a common theme, but it refreshes & advances that idea.

  • Popular songs have a theme that everyone can relate to.

  • Don’t limit the new song to invention alone, but allow variation to be what you aim for.

  • In Western scale, we have 12 notes to use when creating music!

  • If an original song has already run its course (in the music industry), this can give it another season.

Where do we find the new sound?

The new sound is not going to start with a sound: it is going to start with the revelation of God.
  • What makes it current is not the production or arrangement of music.
  • Our challenge is not focusing on trying to be relevant in our culture.
  • To communicate well it’s important to understand what is going on musically in the earth.
  • If you are relevant to the earth but not relevant to heaven, you will never have the new sound.
You’re an ambassador: speak the language of one kingdom, but represent the interests of heaven.
  • Begin to explore, “What would that sound be like in my market?”
  • What is the message of heaven? What is the mandate of heaven?
  • What is the atmosphere that God is representing in this hour? How can I express this musically?
  • New song is always linked to what God is saying or doing, not on one person’s attempts to be original.
Sometimes we try so hard to be original that we don’t connect with our audience or heaven.
  • Who are you? Be authentic!
  • Pull the best together: the influences of your past, the ideas of your future into who you are.
  • Combine wherever you come from musically with your creative urges.

How do we find the new sound?

Be convinced that it is God’s delight to share His heart and mind with you.
  • Jesus was the new sound in the earth.
  • He was the sonification of everything God was saying and doing.
  • The Son can do nothing by Himself, he only says what he hears the Father saying (John 5:19–20).
  • Find out what God is doing & do that. Look for what He is doing and bless that.
God loves to show you what He is doing.
  • You are working from the favor and pleasure of God.
  • Don’t try to earn by works what you already have by relationship.
  • Anything the Lord is leading you to do, and how He is saying to do it will have life on it.
The Father who sent me commanded me what to say & how to say it. (John 12)
  • We do not only what He tells us to do, but the way He tells us to do things.
  • When God is leading me, there is going to be life on what I do & how I do it.
  • Jesus was convinced that whatever the Father commanded him to say or do would lead to abundant life.
  • All fruitfulness comes out of abiding in God.
Don’t you believe that I am in the Father and the Father is in me? (John 14:10–14).
  • You have the heart of the Father & the mind of Christ.
  • You do not have to strive to hear what God’s saying.
  • The kingdom is IN you. (Luke 17:21)
  • The new sound will build on top of pre-existing truth.
You should never have to tear down an old truth to build a new one.
  • Revelation will bring truth and be built upon what was on truth.
  • Don’t be afraid of developing a new sound from a former sound or a former word.
  • Prophecy helps us grow in hearing the Lord, so that we can start to see the things eye has not seen.

Who should sing the new song?

Every geographic and demographic region on the earth.
  • God is looking for a new sound from every tribe, nation, people, tongue, and geographic region.
  • Isaiah 42:9 & Psalm 96:1 command, “Sing the Lord a new song…”
  • The Hebrew word for “earth” here refers to every land and every inhabitant in the land.”
  • Sometimes God is saying different things over different demographics, sometimes its the same.
  • In developing countries, the sound in the city and the sound in the villages are totally different.
  • Every sound has a different authority & blessing.
God divided his virtues among his body.
  • Only as a body can we experience the completeness of what God has for us.
  • In the garden, when God created Adam & Eve, he put part of His nature in Adam & part in Eve.
  • We don’t have a complete picture of God without the Bride & the Bridegroom.
  • God dispersed different blessings & sounds over each tribe of Israel.
Every different instrument has a different frequency, every frequency has a different authority.
  • WE are God’s instruments.
  • Some people have a warfare sound.
  • Sound people have a romantic, peace, powerful sound.
  • Some people have a celebratory sound.
  • As everyone brings their own sound & authority, we have a picture of worship in heaven.

Your sound carries authority & blessing. You sound creates & releases something.

There can be different anointings when you are playing different instruments.
  • Pay attention to your style & sound, what is being released?
  • What are your primary tendencies?
  • There are things that haven’t happened because you haven’t sung them yet (Isaiah 42:9).
“Before they come forth in the earth, I declare them to you, sing a new song…” God wants to do things in the earth & He is waiting to until someone sings it forth.
  • God wants you to sing it so people will recognize it when it comes.
  • “Your experience will rise to the level of what you are declaring.” Bob Sorge
  • As we are declaring a new song, we are co-creating with God!
  • We are the force that is releasing that reality into the earth.
  • 17th century scientist (Hudgkins) discovered “entrainment."
  • Entrainment is the concept that two oscillating bodies on the same frequency will vibrate together, Hudgkins noticed the pendulums of two clocks lining up & swinging in sync.
  • The new song continues God’s creative work in the world.
At creation, everything responded to the shape of God’s voice.
  • When you say what God is saying, every atom in the universe responds to God’s voice.
  • Singing a new song unlocks the impossible.
  • Psalm 33; the new song is whatever the Lord says.
  • The new song is yours, you are His sheep and you know His voice!
Dan’s prayer for you:

Thank you God that you delight in all your children. We break off any striving in trying to hear Your voice. We have ears to hear and eyes to see. Communicate Your heart & sound God. We step into the fountain, & depths of divine union with You.